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I just happened to be surfing the net & came upon the American Film Institute's 50 top heroes & 50 top villains. (The title links you to the original AFI site, which you can check out AFTER you read my musings.)

It makes for a pretty interesting list, and you end up with a good list of films that you should watch in your lifetime. It also makes for some very interesting gender questions.

A mere 7 female heroes (or heroines, if you please), make it to the top 50. It’s heartening to note that 2 are in the top 10. I’m not that good in math, but I think that comes up to a mere 14%. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe that in most countries, women outnumber men. So on average, women make up about 50% – 54% of the population. And only a mere 14% makes it as heroes?

For all those who didn’t know, it’s illegal to only look for men to play certain (most) roles (or even to cast only WASPs). If the movie doesn’t specifically need a male actor, if it isn’t intrinsic to the plotline, the roles are supposed to be open to actors of all genders and ethnicities. So why isn’t it? How came in Hollywood movies, 50% of the world’s population is represented as 14%? Yes, yes, I know that we are only speaking of heroes, but that’s beside the point. This is supposed to be the 50 best heroes, where women are under-represented. Quite a few of these heroes could’ve easily been played by women. For all of Hollywood’s pretensions, I guess it’s basically part of the (gentle??) men-only club.

Now, to the next annoying thing on that list. 14 out of 50 villains are women. What fun. That’s like 28%, right? I guess it’s soooooooooooo much easier to cast a woman as the trampy, vampy, vixenish bitch than a hero. Twice as many women are villainous rather than heroic. Neither comes close to representing the actual population figures, though.

I don’t know which one is worse – less women as heroes, or more women as villains. And those villainous women – most of them are bitchy vixens. Even as villains, why can’t women play a normal bad person, without having to use their sexuality? How many of the villains that are male are on that list because they used their sexuality?

Hollywood is seriously beginning to annoy me.


Okay, this will undoubtedly anger some of you women out there...maybe even all. But this is what I think is the mentality prevalent in many parts of the world, including Hollywood.

AFI's hero and villain assessment maybe a direct take on what a 'hero' or 'villain' is supposed to represent. That is- heroes: someone fighting against evil or an enemy whilst a villain obviously being the bad guy.

Although I haven't watched all those movies, from the ones I recognize this seems to be the basis the movie has been chosen. However, most women heroes don't fall into this category and more easily fall into the 'bitchy' category, resulting in more women villains.

Let me explain. In traditional society, which Hollywood may still be a party to, the woman 'hero' is someone who takes care of the family and brings salvation to the family by surmounting great difficulties. Unfortunately, current society doesn't really find such 'heroes' appealing and therefore, AFI may be biased towards providing what the masses find attractive.

Now before all you women out there place a vendetta against me, I want you to think thru'. I am not saying that women can't be the 'action' hero...there have been numerous in recent years.

To provide some support for argument, take a look at all the cartoon movies that have come out. Many of them portray females as heroes in more of a motherly or loving/ family role.

Maybe society has to either praise the 'soft' heroes or women should become more like men. The later is not something I would like or enjoy to see. Women need to be women, society needs to acknowledge.

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