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You may have noticed how English words take on a whole new spin when certain Sri Lankans use them. It’s hilarious to listen to at times, but when it’s on radio or TV, it can vary between incredibly annoying to depressing.

For your amusement, I’ve listed out few words below. Of course, there are far more words, but I obviously can’t list them all here.

Actual English Word vs. Variation/Pronunciation

Chikungunya = CHICKENgunya (as in the animal)*

Excise Department = Exercise Department

Cache (of arms, for example) = Cash of arms (as in Johnny Cash)*

Lindt (the chocolate brand) = Lindut* (as in bonnet)

Condominium = CondoMONIUM

Putty = Potty (yeah, I know)

Rapporteur = Reporter (yup, should’ve expected that one)*

Forte = Forty

Except = Accept

Gimmick = Jimmick

Warmth = Warmuth (as in bonnet)

Blessed = Blessud (as in bonnet)

*On TV, radio and your average Sunil

Without an asterik means I've heard it pronounced this way by a lot of people at large - race, religion, job and level of education being immaterial.

To be fair though, there are almost as many mistakes made in Sinhala (being our national language), so what can you expect of English?

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