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The members of the famed ‘Donor Conference’ should donate some specs to the esteemed LTTE cadres. Why? Because according to the rebel military spokesman Rasaiah Ilanthirayan, first the LTTE had kidnapped O’level students on the 19th of December by ‘mistake’. Then he changed his tune and said that the kids came of their own volition, but were sent back later when their age was discovered. We must understand the plight of these poor LTTE chaps. It really is difficult to tell the difference between 16 year-old O’level kids and 18+ adults who can join a terrorist organization. Thus the glasses. It may prove useful at a later date, when under-age kids may go wandering towards the Sun God again.

By the by, informed sources at Lanka Truth says that the SLMM was blaming the Karuna faction for the kidnapping of 23 children all the while Rasaiah Ilanthirayan was changing statements.

Maybe the SLMM needs to be given hearing aids along with glasses.

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