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Now, what's all this about the Holocaust conference hosted by Iran. It's on every news website, magazine, paper and any other political material you can think of. I have numerous issues with this.

a)Denying the holocaust happened is a crime in certain countries. Why? If you look at the question objectively, it goes like: Did the Holocaust happen, where Nazis killed 6 million Jews. The only possible answers are:
1)Yes, and yes : If this is the answer, why is anyone worried? Anyone who's been to Europe, studied world history or is merely better read than your average hermit crab, knows it happened. The respective European governments all have evidence of this. So who cares if people walk around denying it? Just rub their faces in the proof, and they'll shut up and hang their heads in shame. As for the numbers, they must've got 6 million from somewhere. If they (meaning the Western powers-that-be)are sticking by it, surely that's because they have good reason to. Just show the proof, and then everyone will shut up.
2)No, and therefore no : If this is the unlikely and highly improbable case, then all the more reasons why it should be discussed. Why on earth should generations of people be fed untruths?
3)Yes, but not 6 million : This, for me is the most interesting option. We know the Holocaust happened. Have the figures been fudged? If it's (again improbable) an under-estimate, by all means discuss it in public so that we know the real number. Why hide it, right? If it's an over-estimate......weeeeellllll, I wonder why anyone exaggerated the figures? Surely not to excuse the creation of a nation at the cost of another? Whichever it is, public debates are always welcome. In the name of truth and the freedom of speech.

Iran may have it's own agenda, but perhaps it's time we left the melodrama at the door and look at things objectively. If publishing cartoons of Prophet Mohammed falls under free speech (and it definitely does), then so does any discussion regarding the holocaust.


I certainly agree with this Shoat Statement. Why would the 'free' West ever want to hinder free speech and the search for truth. In many peoples view, the laws prohibiting discussion of this issue in many Western 'free' Nations is a reflection on their hypocritical practices.

Although, the nature of the conference (search for truth; open forum etc.) is a good intention, I feel that since it is held in Iran, greater political issues may take precedence over the more important issue of the debate itself and the search for truth. President Ahmadinejad's stance towards the Middle Eastern issue may have a negative repercussion on the outcome of this well-intended conference.

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