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Ah well, can't go through an entire week and not have the LTTE remaining quiet. The Sun God's Cats seem to have taken a liking to Captain Jack Sparrow, because now the Swimming Cats have turned into pirates. To make a long story short, on 23 December, a Jordanian cargo vessel FARHA III drifted towards LTTE stronghold Mullaithievu following a technical failure. According to the crew, they radioed for help, and radioed again for help saying that they were being attacked by pirates (our friends, the swimming cats). According to the Swimming Cats, they rescued the stranded sailors (one wonders why the sailors said they were being attacked then), and then handed them over to the Red Cross.

For the long story, visit the Asian Tribune.

Yes, the sailors are safe and sound and in Colombo (yup, an oxymoron there).

But the Swimming Cats don't seem too keen on releasing the ship they 'rescued', conveniently carrying 14,000 tons of rice, which is still in their custody.

Sin men, these poor Swimming Cats - I think the Sun God should've just sent them to Disneyland, and then this kidnapping thing would be out of their system (for those keeping count, refer their earlier kidnapping fiasco).

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