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Why do I get the feeling that ignorance is becoming a highly valued, ultra-desirable quality in most beings under the age of 30? It is really incredible to see people revelling in their stupidity.

I fail to understand why BU30 (beings under 30) find it amusing not to know the difference between Dickens and Dickinson, or Micheal Bolton & John Bolton. No one is asking them to read either Dickens or Dickinson. Just know who they are.

Not knowing the goings on of this world, or at least of your country, is no laughing matter. It is, in fact, quite tragic. Apart from shovelling cement or making coffee, I can think of precious few employers out there who would enjoy employing a moron. I know I wouldn't.

Doesn't the BU30 realise that to work in any field - with or without a college degree - some amount of intelligence, general knowledge or at the very least some interest in the world at large is required? Life is not an endless joke. People like Jay Leno, Robin Williams & Tim Allen are funny - but that doesn't mean they are stupid. Watch any of their shows or interviews and you'd see how aware they are, how capable of genuine thought. Is life really going to be complete when it consists of nothing else but shopping, eating, drinking, partying and sleeping?

I'm shocked and find myself becoming utterly disappointed the more I get to know the so-called 'new generation' of today. Most of them are ignorant, some actually stupid and almost all are quite unapologetic about it. What they hope to do with themselves as they grow older, is anybody's guess.


It is quite disheartening to see this occur. But something that the Shoat may have to consider is that this occurs mostly in areas of the world where people are shifting from one economic 'class' to another (although there are people who are genuinely ignorant).

When a person of a certain social status shifts to the next, he/she opens a whole new box of worldly gratifications. This often creates an illusion of satisfaction. Being able to go out to clubs, spend a whole lot of money ---> an artificial sense of liberty. They start living in the now completely happy with themselves and thats it. This happens to many people across the world, but more often in societies that have been jaded by capitalistic consumerism. Most often than not after a few years (most often when its too late) they realize this and try to better themsleves.

That is why it is important to provide a very strong education foundation that opens up horizons earlier on in life. This will lead to a more mature outlook to life. This often lacks in many developing economies.

So you shouldn't blame them for their ignorance. As the saying goes 'Ignorance is bliss'. Maybe they are happier than all the other people who have 'seen' too much.

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