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Before I begin, let me say that my post is based on a news item I heard on TNL Lite this morning, and further supported by an article on Tamil Net today. Apparently, the kindly leader of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress, Mr. Rauf Hakeem was informed by the Social Services Ministry of Sri Lanka is donating 2 million rupees to the recent flood victims. Now isn't the government really sweet? That's only 3 (million) less than what they gave N. Raviraj's widow.

But wait. Hold that thought. 2 million - for 30,000 families. That's a whopping 66.67 rupees per family. It gets even more impressive - Sri Lankan families have an average of 4 people in their family, so that 2 million can also be translated as a sum total of 16.66 rupees per person. Wooooooooooooooooooow. Isn't that really great? Except for the itsy bitsy detail that Rs.16/= will get you nothing in this country, and Rs. 60/= will not fare any better. Especially for flood victims.

Did the Social Services Ministry forget how to calculate? Or did they make a mistake in their press conference, a mistake which they then repeated for Rauf Hakeem's benefit. Oh wow wow wow.

Being N. Raviraj's widow is beginning to look faaaaaar more profitable.

P.S. If you know anyone in the said ministry, please buy them a calculator and teach them some basic logic and mathematics.

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