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Aha! 'Tis the season to be jolly, and all that jazz right? So what better time to bring up the virgin birth? Except this time, it isn't a young lady in Bethlehem, but a female Komodo dragon called Flora in a U.K zoo. Apparently, female Komodo dragons are capable of parthenogenesis, which is basically successful reproduction without a male.

These Komodo dragons can apparently mate with males to have kids (eggs in their case), and when males aren't available, they do it themselves (not female + female, but only female).

Interesting, huh? So if we study the Komodo dragons long and hard (no pun intended) enough, we may soon figure out how to procreate without men. I mean, Komodo dragons are still closer to humans than mere amoeba, right?

I had a doll called Flora when I was small (no connection to the above story at all, but might as well mention it).


Shoat, I am sure this post will make some women (who have lost faith in men) happy. Jaded tho' they are.

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