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Check out the attached link. Apparently, a new study has shown that men and women spend an equal time talking, dispelling the myth that women yak more than men. Where did that myth originate from, anyways? Aaah, vindication, finally. I just hope enough people read this survey.

On more surveys done comparing men & women, I got the below from MSN:

"Data from a new U.S. government sex survey (of adults aged 20 to 59): Percentage who are virgins: 4. Percentage who were still virgins on their 21st birthday: 15. Percentage of women who have had only one sex partner (or none): 25. Percentage of men who have had only one sex partner (or none): 17. Women's median number of sex partners: 3.7. Men's median number: 6.8. " least the gap between the sexes is closing, though I'm not sure if that's good or bad. The more pertinent question is, who pays for these surveys? I cannot imagine much use for it, except give us something else to talk (or write) about.

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