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A Sri Lankan man, Mohammed Ilham Fareed, decides to migrate to Australia. With his wife. That was back in 2005. Less than 5 years later, he falls foul of the law. Why, I hear you ask. Well, He groped the breasts of three female Brisbane bus passengers. The purported excuse was that he had an infatuation with Australian women
The whole adventure of exactly what he did and how he was caught can be found on the link at the end of this post.

I mean last I checked, migrants tried their best to behave in foreign countries, lest they be deported. And this man had a WIFE at home, whom he could presumably grope at will (breasts are breasts, aren't they?). Now the Australian courts had the perfect opportunity to get rid of such an undesirable from their country. How? Well, a 12-month jail sentence means that this the Fareed would risk failing Federal Government's character test, and therefore deportation.

So what do you suppose the courts, presided over by a female judge (Judge Helen O'Sullivan) did? They figured that Fareed was precisely the kind of exemplary rogue...ooops...citizen that Australia needed. So they gave him a 10 month sentence, topping it off with parole on the 17th of November. Those three women must be checking out all the vehicle dealerships in Brisbane as we speak.

I just don't get it. It was a FEMALE judge. He assaulted THREE women. He is not a native, he is an IMMIGRANT. Why is the law trying to help him pass a character test that in any really sense he very obviously fails?

Eve teasing is a very serious offence, and it is very much part and parcel of violence against women. As a Sri Lankan, I find the story shameful, and as a woman I find it offensive. As a potential immigrant, I find the whole thing ludicrous. Over and above everything, I'd like to put a hole in that judge's head.


How can you be so judgmental without knowing any thing at all about this case. Do you have any idea how biased can the news papers and internet can be? And here you are trying to judge other people just by reading a website or a newspaper! You should have more trust on Sri Lankans than that. Dont Judge others coz you wil be Judged too!

You think the judges decision is harsh dont you? Then you must come to think why it was so? Maybe because they didnt have solid proof. Maybe they had the wrong guy. Maybe he was innocent but the Australian authorities wanted to punish someone for the crime. Cant that be? People are sometimes punished for crimes which they never committed. So be sure to know what really happened before you accuse someone. Or else oneday you will suffer the same fait.

he asked me he wanna touch my breast in my workplace. i try to resist bt he is a man. He gonna have law suit again in next 2 or 3 days. its true story this writer wasnt biased.

Hi, how did you with the Law suit?

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