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I've touched on this before, so you can consider this as an extra paragraph on one of my earlier posts, and less of a brand new post.

BBC reports that the US State Department is still wondering how $1.2 billion has been spent by a private US company, DynCorp, ostensibly to train Iraqi police. Yup, one of those private contract thingies.

These Americans must be taking lessons from us, because they sound more Sri Lankan everyday. Key phrases include "there has been no intentional fraud", from which we may be expected to assume that the fraud was unintentional. How do you have unintentional fraud, anyway? I must keep my eyes pealed for the next State Department release, which might explain this.

In this information age, they've also managed to lose track of the documents, because that's the official reason as to why the auditors have stopped trying to audit the programme. The audit goes on to say that the State Department cannot say "specifically what it received" for most of the money paid to DynCorp, the largest single contractor to the department.

It's hilarious. They don't know where the money went, what they got in return, and even the paperwork is a mess. Who are we to criticize the Sri Lankan government, when the Americans are faring no better?

I'm off to do penance for abusing my government.

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