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I drive a pretty old car, and have had to cough up quite a bit of dough on ‘running’ repairs frequently. Running repair. What kind of a bizarre term is that anyway? Obviously repairs will be there for running vehicles – you keep one in the garage all month long, you’ll have no repairs save a dead battery and perhaps old fuel.

Back to my point. Having a repair every three months or so, no matter how big or small, has made me paranoid. So when I got new brake pads put two weeks back, I thought I was home safe for another few months. Then starts the creepy screech. Each time I brake. Angry that the garage screwed it up, terrified that it was more serious than a brake pad (and thus another mountain of money), I avoided the garage for a good two weeks. Good thing too, because apparently, that screech is my new brake pad trying to break in. I was told by a smirking colleague to cancel the garage trip, and to get used to the screech for another month or so.

This what owning a car has done to me. It’s turned me into a paranoiac.


Most Break pads takes about 100Km's of city running to "get used" to the break disk/drum and form a perfect surface... You might get screeching noises during this time though i have never experienced it myself :)

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