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How greedy can people be? I'm part of a group collecting 80-page exercise books to distribute to war-ravaged schools in Vavuniya. So an obliging friend emails 250 people with my request...and only two respond (three if you count the moron who wrote back to criticize).

Mind you, one of these books is a mere Rs.25/= in a bookshop, and cheaper still in a wholesale shop. And yet, we get 2 out of 250. That is a 0.8% response rate. Even if your maths is as bad as mine, you'd still realise that 0.8% is pretty damn low. Is that how little people care about the needy?

In related news, people who have two cars in their garage, land all over the country, multiple bank accounts with balances running into six figures, donates - drum roll please - 20 books! A whopping 20! I was so blown away from this act of...greed? Selfishness? Nonchalantness?

People can spend thousands on liquor, cigarettes, clothes and countless other needless items, but looks like when it comes to spending on a useful item for the poor and needy, the purse is tightly shut.

Truly disgusting.

P.S. Anyone interested in donating can leave their email or mobile number and I’ll get in touch with you (your personal info will duly be deleted from this blog).

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