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No, I'm not about to break into song (and if I was, you'd hate to hear it!). I'm just soooo bugged with people. Specifically. In a wide variety of areas. So let me start with....

The idiots who wear Tissots and Tag Heuers on their wrists, but cannot comprehend how to use such fancy watches. I’ve come across these morons frequently here, and most recently this morning. He remembers at 11.30 a.m. that he has a meeting at 12.00p.m., and starts looking for transport at about 11.45 a.m. Naturally, to avoid him getting late for meetings, who’s the idiot that has to volunteer her car? If you guessed that it was me, you’d be guessing correctly. Grrrrrrrr What is the point of having watches if you don’t know the value of time? Or forward planning?

Why do people assume that if you are under 35, you have no expenses to speak of, save on clothes and ice cream? I'm sick to death of people who roll their eyes when I complain of finances and ask me "What expenses can you have? Your parents are there, no?" I wish I could introduce them to the sole of my shoes, and while they get over that, explain that some of us actually have to fend for ourselves.

Now we come to this strange Sri Lankan habit of working late. And by late, I mean REALLY late. It’s not like staying back for an extra half hour, or an hour. I’ve seen lots of my friends stay back for hours and hours in office, and coincidentally, they’re mostly males. And from stories I hear, it seems to be a common phenomena.

I cannot believe that people here are that inefficient that they need to stay in office the entire day to get work done. Stranger still are the bosses that think working late is the norm. Do these people have no family, friends or a life in general outside of office? No wonder so many people have unhappy marriages – when you see your office peon more than your spouse, who’s surprised?

Meetings frequently get scheduled for 4.30p.m. or even later, and employees are expected to simply shut up and put up. Women get the worst of it. If traveling late is an issue for them, they are labeled ‘not up to it’. If they work late, they can rest assured that their other halves will start looking elsewhere. In fact, the ability to work late is a frequent question at interviews.

I’m completely flummoxed as to why top managers encourage such a dubious habit, especially when it just ends up costing the company more money.


Yeah, the colours reflect how bugged I am with each phenomenon.


all the way down to working late and why....

A few reasons actually,

a) Want to impress the boss (Why work for a boss, so easily impressed?)

b) Have so little to actaully do, needs to pretend to be hard at it

c)A sense of insecurity, figures staying on would convey a sense of commitment etc to the work place...

All this, a real honest waste of time really.

Me, I'd work late to miss the traffic. What I actually do, is come in earlier, have a good hour to myslef to deal with some solid work before the madness of the day begins. I leave on the dot, catch that window that takes me home.

There is one other aspect... blue collar's.. home is outstation... rooming in Colombo, shared, nothing much to go for after work. Hang around office, kill some time in relative comfort, pick up a bite on th eway home, wash, crash.

Managers need to act

Just another point of view :)
I happen to be one of those morons who have no choice but to work late most of the times... really sucks cos i'd rather be at home playing with my dog or some ps2 or doing some fishing by the shore... :)
In my case...i work in an industry where everything was wanted yesterday ... mostly due to ill-planning and incompetence by somebody down the line but that doesn't really matter... You gotta do your job somehow and deliver goods on time... So Lunch a 4pm, dinner at 11 pm is a sad fact of life...
But i do agree that some buggers tend to hang around office just for the heck of it... There's one fellow who watches movies in our boardroom that has widescreen tv and a nice sound system, some fellows just facebook, chat, checkout porn etc etc...

Like sigma says...sadly some bosses take things on face value and assumes just because you work late you deserve that extra little... In some cases the buggers who work late do jack... Just waste electricity and company money... and make it worse for the other guys who put up a fight once in a while to go home early

I'm against working late. I just don't get it with the people who do it and I seriously don't get it when bosses think that working late is a sign of a successful person. Plus I also think that bosses just don't think at all like for example I'm a girl and most often than not I have to take public transport and that is pretty scary when its late. Also with the current security mayhem its not safe taking a tuk tuk or cab so unless a kind soul volunteers to drop me home, I'm left calling everyone on my phone to look for a safe mode of transportation.

Oh great I've just been told that I have to work late…

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