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We have seen 04 shootouts in U.S.A within the span of one to two weeks. We have seen a parcel bomb go off in Paris. Court houses (across India) have been bombed. In fact, a perfectly legal, first-time visitor to Canada has even been tasered to death at the airport.

Sri Lanka has seen a bomb blast in Nugegoda, and a smaller scale one in Yala in the last few months.

Does this make Sri Lanka any more dangerous than the U.S.A? Or India? I think not. But it is funny how we only hear about the travel advisory for Sri Lanka. How Britain keeps informing her citizens where not to visit in Sri Lanka, or in fact, not to visit Sri Lanka at all, if possible. We have Indians (certainly not all of them, but a few) wondering if Sri Lanka is 'safe enough' to visit - god forbid a series of bombs explode outside our courthouses!

I'm not saying that Sri Lanka has achieved the gold standard in safety, but at this stage aren't all things relative? When men can drive a car full of gas cylinders into Heathrow, why are Sri Lankan forces expected to perform any better? It is downright annoying to have foreigners question the safety of Sri Lanka, when their own countries are clearly no better (and our own Kalu Suddha's are no different). A brief glance at their own daily newspapers will show them that Sri Lanka is no better or worse than their own cocoons in their respective countries.

I wish one of our leaders would one day have the guts to point this out to these know-it-alls.

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