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So I spent the weekend meeting some people. Adults and children. There was this one particular kid whom I found annoying. Not too annoying, but enough for me to come to the conclusion that he wasn't very well brought up - little else you can think about a 7-year old who runs around trying to put his fingers into electrical sockets (among other things) till some adult stopped him .

Then I met this couple - really lovely people - till I gathered that they were the parents of said child. So I very politely kept my opinion to myself, which became increasingly difficult to do. Why? Because the wife turned out to be a woman who had left a well paying job to raise her son - and all she could do was prattle on about how children needed a full-time parent at home (a theory I don't subscribe to). I have nothing against women who choose to stay at home to bring up children, but I do have a problem with them thinking that such is the best way to bring up children, and looking down on mothers who choose to work.

To add, she seemed to think her son was immaculately brought up, and was rather fond of pointing out other children that had gone 'wrong' because both the parents worked.

I know. I should buy her a mirror for Christmas.


MCP here to some degree. One who believes that one's offspring need to be brought up by said one's and not aunts, grandmothers etc. My thinking may be Neanderthal, so I am open to another, differing opinion.

Well Sigma, points for honesty.

I differ with you on so many points, so just going to jot few of them:

a)IF a child needs to brought up by a parent 24/7, why does it have to be the female? I think there nothing superior in a woman's parenting skills, so men should turn into house-husbands just as fast.

b)Quality over quantity. Spending time with your child doesn't ensure a sound upbringing - it is the quality of a parent.

c)There is no conclusive evidence to show that Children who grow up in an environment with a full-time parent are better (in any sense) than those brought up in a home with two working parents.

d)The requirement for a woman to stay at home to look after the kids is discriminatory: she has to curb her rights and freedoms to bring up, what is, a joint venture, while the man gets to exercise all his rights and wants. Lots of women will want to work, and have a life of her own, but be forced to stay at home.

e)Further from above point, the requirement for women to become housewives will lead to the Japan-effect: less women getting married, less women having children and those who do have kids restricting it to late in life, and probably just one kid. Economically and demographically, that isn't healthy, because we'll wind up with a lopsided population pyramid.

Weeeell, it's apparent that I cannot help but be voluminous & verbse on this, so will cap it here. Feedback & opinions are as always, welcome.

Where do I start? Ok firstly my mum's a child physcologist and I know a little bit about the subject that doesn't mean to say I'm does help when one of the parents look after the child. It doesn't have to be the mother who needs to do the nurturing a father will work just as well and I know many fathers who take care of the house and children while their wives pursue a full time career.

Secondly, if you dig into your history books serial killers and criminals are products of bad parenting, abuse and neglect that's why their physcologically affected. But you're right when you say that it boils down to the quality of parental've got to understand it's a lot like going to school, you learn with every passing year no one is a born parent. Its a learning process so if your parents both you up right, chances are that you might/will be a good parent.

That's all from me got to get back to work...

My moms a primary school teacher and shes been out helping the kids in her class, and doing school work and stuff all day for 30 years. And I for one will never complain that she didnt have time for me. Because when she was with me, that time was WELL spent. Im certainly not mentally imbalanced (Though my friends might disagree)

I know screwed up sociopathic people who had full time moms that just werent good parents.

"Quality over quantity. Spending time with your child doesn't ensure a sound upbringing - it is the quality of a parent. " - I totally agree with that

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