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I'm sick to death of having all sorts of people - mostly relatives, but a few 'friends' as well - trying to marry me off. 'You're the right age', they say. One should get married before one is too old, apparently. Who decides on this age, anyway? And why do you need marriage? You can have sex without it, you can have kids without it. I see precious little temptation in marriage. Yet, all and sundry wants to marry me off (ironically, most of them aren't even in the happiest of marriages).

Why are relative strangers so eager for a wedding? They'd have to spend on clothes, waste a day, PLUS buy a respectable gift. One of the few things I dislike more than being told to get married is to actually go for someone else's wedding. A room full of people you don't know, poor food and a thousand or so bucks gone for a gift.

And you know what's going to happen if you eventually marry, right? Exactly - they will nag and nag till you have kids.

The meanest, rudest repartees to tell these people are always welcome.

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