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Has a new language been invented while I slept? The SMS lingo these days is bizarre. Why do kids use these mind boggling abbreviations when each mobile has dictionary? Is their spelling so bad? This is an SMS I got from a colleague:

"Ill b l8 2 wrk 2day"

It looks like something a printer would print during a self cleaning run. To add insult to injury, some moron emailed this to me today as well. I've put a selection below for your own happy education:

1dRfl - wonderful
2 - to/too/
two2dA - today
2moro - tomorrow
3dom - freedom
4 - for
4get - forget
4N - foreign
B - be
B4 - before
C - see/sea
DUZ - does
Gr8 - great
in4ml - informal
L8 - late
L8r - later
M8 - mate
MT - empty
Ne - any
No1- no one
nrg - energy
W8 - wait
SUM1 - Someone

Why would anyone do this to themselves? I thought I could come up with a real cool write up for this picture, but I can't. In case you can't read his board, it says:

"I need a girlfriend. Please call 07736008X"

I can't make out the last digit. Why do they advertise the golf space between their ears?

Thanks, Chamil for the picture.

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