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Shame on Dilith, shame on Varuni, and shame on whoever else designed the Triad website.

Never have I seen a website which defamed the national identity, the national flag and the national anthem of Sri Lanka as Triad has done on their website. True enough, Triad
as an agency has milked the feeling of patriotism for all it’s worth, from fairly well orchestrated campaigns for Lanka Bell to the pedestrian numbers for Mihin Air to the downright bizarre items they did for Laughs. It’s one thing to trump patriotism as a marketing gimmick, but it’s something else altogether to use elements of the national identity for personal profit. Not even the government websites, or that of the Rajapakse brothers comes close to this drivel.

Maybe they schooled abroad…

Perhaps the powers-that-be at Triad (for all their nationalistic fervor) do not realize that one must rise and stand at attention on any and every occasion the national anthem is played, despite every school going child being aware of this. How else can you explain the fact that they have used the national anthem of Sri Lanka as the opening track for their website (yeah, that’s right – a PRIVATE sector ad agency), while the national flag is being hoisted.

Or maybe they’re inspired by a Spice girl wearing the Union Jack…

To ad insult to injury, the entirety of this website can be activated by clicking on various points on the flag. The first time I visited the website, I didn’t even understand how to operate it, because I could not imagine anyone defaming a flag in such a manner. Believe me when I say this, ALL their controls are on that flag.

Here’s the icing on the cake. Each element of the flags takes you to different aspects and achievements of Triad. This how they have gone about it:

Crimson: ‘We unite’ is the slogan, and the text is about Triad’s affiliated companies
Pipul (Bo) Leaf: ‘We grow’ is the slogan, and it shows a list of clients.
Yellow Frame: ‘We shine’ is the slogan, and lists some of their work (yup, scam too).
Orange Strip: “We conquer’ is the slogan and it lists the latest awards w
on (scam, yet again).
Green Strip: ‘We inspire’ is the slogan, and lists various achievements of the glorious Triad.

The actual meaning of the Sri Lankan flag :the green stripe represents Sri Lanka's minority Muslims and the orange stripe the minority Hindu Tamils. The yellow represents Buddhism and the crimson stands for a long life. The golden lion is an ancient symbol of the people and the sword is a symbol of authority. The pipul tree leaves are a Buddhist symbol and come from the tree, under which Prince Gautama is said to have received enlightenment and become Buddha. Individually the leaves represent love, compassion, sympathy and equanimity.

Diabolic, discriminatory, or just plain dumb...?

So not enough with debasing the flag, they decided to take controversy to new levels. Buddhist symbols are equated with the most commercial aspect – clients & work (and scam!). But the
worst bit is this: the colour representing Muslims is said to ‘inspire’, and that which represents the Tamils – ‘conquer’. What is Triad saying? What is any right-thinking person supposed to assume? The Tamils were conquered? Or the Tamils conquer? In fact, I know not what to think, except that Triad has taken serious leave of their collective senses.

As you can see on this image, the green strip takes you to 'we inspire', and if you click on the orange strip, it'll take you to 'we conquer'. This website is insulting, discriminatory and racially insensitive, to say the very least. I think it is obvious to all the many issues related to this site, and I ask you all to send a protest email to:

P.S. You have all the right in the world to copy all or parts of this blog

We are surrounded by idiots. We all know that. But how can you be sure that the fellow next you is in fact, an idiot? Well, I've come across a simple test. A guy I knew to be a certified idiot sent me the following email, and by that he proved his idiocy. Now all you have to do is to send it to everyone you know, and watch who actually forwards it. Whoever succumbs to your trap is a certified idiot.

Dear All.
Please pass on to all your friends and relatives the following mail from Nokia.
Nokia is giving away phones for free for Sri Lankans.Nokia is trying word-of-mouth advertising to introduce its product and the reward you receive for advertising for them is a free phone free of cost. To receive your free phone all you have to do is to send this email out to
8 people (for a free Nokia N70) or

20 people (for a free Nokia E61 i) or
50 people (for a free Nokia N95).
Within 2 weeks you will receive a free phone. (They will contact you through your e-mail address).
Please mark a copy to:-

Best regards,
Jean Neo

Believe it or not, this is exactly how I got the email, which means that the loser who sent it to me didn't even notice that person he was supposed to copy the mail to was left blank. wouldn't that have been the first sign that this was a hoax? Or perhaps the sign would have been that this 'word-of-mouth advertisement' in fact, had no product advertising! So how would Nokia's products be promoted? I could go on, but I won't, since if you're reading this blog, you definitely don't need me to point out the absurdities on the above.

Idiots - I know they give us a reason to laugh every day, but do we really need so many of them?

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