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I’m not going to start on a vilification campaign against social networking sites such as Facebook or MySpace, because that’s not what this post is about. It’s about two separate incidents, separated by thousands of miles, both encapsulating why people should earn a license to have children.

True Story No. 1 – Missouri, U.S.A

Tina & Ron have a daughter, Megan, who was described by friends as ‘bubbly, goofy, and chubby’. At 13, she opened a MySpace account (officially, you need to be over 14 to register) with the full knowledge, monitoring and consent of her parents. She also has a female friend X. She eventually has a falling out with X. X’s mother and X, along with another as yet unnamed, unaged person opens another MySpace account, as a fictional boy Josh Evans, who then proceeds to become friends with Megan. Friends possibly became a bit more than friends, before fictional Josh Evans broke off with her, claiming that Megan did not ‘treat her friends properly’. Megan Meier hanged herself hours after ringing her mother in tears to say a group of users on MySpace were sending her abusive messages and posting public bulletins calling her "fat" and "a slut".

A sample of the comments posted about this 13 year old:

“Megan Meier is a slut. Megan Meier is fat.”

"Everybody in O'Fallon (Missouri) knows how you are. You are a bad person and everybody hates you. Have a sh--ty rest of your life. The world would be a better place without you."

The creators of the fake Josh account (X and her mother), refuse to apologize to the family, and claim that they were trying to gain Megan’s confidence to see what she was saying about X.

Full story available at

True Story No. 2 - Kolkata, India

Afazuddin Ali, 36, a daily wage labourer, has appeared before court. Why? Because villagers in West Bengal complained that he had confessed to marrying his daughter, who is now pregnant, six months ago. Worse still, no one in the family had complained about it. The girl’s age is also in question, and medical tests are underway to determine it. She’s never even been to school. Police are in the process of filing the correct charges against him. The man, incredibly, is not remorseful, and instead was quoted as saying:
"I have not committed any crime, don't you see it was God's will,".

Full story available at


Why are parents like this allowed to have children at all? Megan’s parents may have made a mistake in letting her open a MySpace account, but that is nothing when compared to the mother of X. Which parent in their right mind would initiate and encourage their child in such a vile, deceptive campaign against another person? How do you post such abusive remarks at a kid - a 13 year old girl, who was known to have trouble with her weight? Isn't that just plain cruel? With that kind of guidance, can you imagine what the kid will grow up into?

As for that man in India – I don’t know what to say. He’s just 36, so can you imagine how young his daughter was? And she’s pregnant!!!!!!! What I want to know is which idiot married them off? A priest so blind that he couldn’t see the girl’s youth? What is this world coming to?

Children do not ask to be born into this world – we, for our selfish reasons, decide to have kids. Why should they then have to suffer for the obvious ineptitude of these parents? Stories such as the above (and there are a gazillion others like it) only reinforces the point that we humans are not capable of the seemingly simple task of bringing up our young. I mean (the occasional cats aside), do you see a lioness eat her cub? An elephant rape its young? A pack of dogs hound a puppy? Nooooooooo…animals are so much better behaved than us, and moreover, they make the better parent.

Having children should be regulated, like getting a drivers license - or better still, a pilot’s license. Strong, strict tests and courses and exams. Only the very brave, and the very able would pass such a test, and be thus allowed to have children. Not only would that control the burgeoning population, it would also mean better parents and thus better children. It's glaringly obvious that we need some kind of control on who is allowed to become parents.

We already do it for people who want to adopt - it shouldn't be too great a leap to have more stringent mechanisms for all wannabe parents.

I'm proud of the fact that I've not eaten meat for the last 7 years or so. Haven't applied for the halo yet, since I'm having difficulty giving up fish, but I have cut down on the frequency in which it features in my meals. I didn't give up meat for any religious reason. I happened to sit inside a bus daily, and watch caged chickens in Pettah, waiting to be killed. And I figured that that chicken feels the same pain my dog would, were I to slaughter her. Of course, giving up what I had got used to took some time - I carefully planned a system so that I could give it all up sequentially.

Nowadays, I get really annoyed by people's reactions. When I go out with people to eat, they're surprised at my not eating meat. Of course, it's cloaked with respect when they ask if it's due to religious beliefs, but all that disappears when I say that it's because I feel sorry for the animals, and we don't need to kill them when we have plenty else to eat. The scorn and disbelief I face is incredible - and it irritates the living daylights out of me. Why should I be made feel inferior for taking the higher road?

Sillier still are the excuses they then feel compelled to make for themselves. I've heard excuses such as 'I can go without meat for a week, but I feel sick if I don't have it after that/just can't go longer without it'. Are they crazy? Meat doesn't have nicotine, you know? What's there to get addicted over? Why not just be honest and say 'I eat it because I like it'? If anyone really wanted to stop, they could. It just takes strong will power.

I'm not a radical member of PETA, and I'm not one to make a fuss if people eat meat in my presence, but it would be nice if they were honest as to why they do it, and even better if they didn't have an issue with my eating habits.

The most annoying thing though, is when they try to justify it. Animals don't feel the pain, they say. They don't realise they'll be killed, so it doesn't make a difference, they say. If animals feel pain, then so must the plants. These are all bizarre, sublime & ridiculous justifications I've heard.

In that light, I'd like to touch upon The Exorcist, the classic horror film (and book), that still has the power to scare you. Given below is a scene (the only one I could find), where the priest is actually fighting with the demon to exorcise it. Listen carefully to the sound effects, even if you can't bear to watch the video itself.

You know what was used for the sound of the devil screaming? Of it being tortured out of Regan McNeil's body?

That, my friends, is the cry of pigs being taken to the slaughterhouse.

Need I say more?

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