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...but Douglas Devananda has proved that he can outdo any cat. Yesterday, he successfully survived yet another attempt on his life by the LTTE. according to various sources, this is either 10th or 13th survival. Either way, it is incredible that he has escaped the jaws of death so frequently, and Sri Lanka should sigh a collective sigh of relief that we still have him with us. Big cats the LTTE may be, but Minister Devananda shows that he can do better than even them!

Unfortunately, his PRO, Stephen Peiris (pictured on the right), succumbed to his injuries. His death is all the more tragic because it was his alertness that caused the suicide bomber to be detained and questioned, instead of being sent through to meet the Minister. His presence of mind was commendable, saving the life of Devananda, but I really wish that he would have survived. It is such dedicated, intelligent people that we need in this country. I'm sure his loss will be strongly felt.

People underestimate the value of politicians like Douglas Devananda. A former militant, like Prabhakaran, Devananda has given up arms, entered the political mainstream with his party, the EPDP, and successfully won votes of the very Tamil people that the LTTE claims to be the sole representative of. He has shown us that there is an option other than militancy, an option other than Eelam, and most of all, an option other than the LTTE. Though we may not always agree with EPDP policies, we should all appreciate people like Douglas Devananda, who was strong enough to leave the patch of militancy, and at such dire risks to his life, continues to tirelessly work to put an end to the mayhem wreaked by the LTTE.

On another note, the LTTE has shown the world their true colours. Some of us already knew it, but foreign know-it-alls, most notably the American & British High Commissioners in Sri Lanka, seem to need constant reminding. These are the terrorists that the Western world (plus India) thinks we should negotiate with. They have tried to kill a leading Tamil politician (for the 13th time), and during the entire course of the day, we didn't hear so much as a hum out of those wonderful Human Rights activists, NGOs or foreign powers. Hypocrisy at it's best.

Thankfully, as Devananda has shown us, resilience against the LTTE is stronger than any aid or any help that foreign powers may bestow upon us. Let us all hope that Minister Devananda will live to see the end of the LTTE, and prove that he is better than any cats - big or small. And let us also hope that Stephen Peiris' sacrifice will not be in vain.

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