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A story of revenge and pair of lost rubber slippers. Starring Ranjan Ramanayake (Lankem Romeolus), Anarkali (Julilatha), and a private bus. Shot entirely on the 138 bus route, this movie features amazing shots of feet and a crushed wart. Stunts by a bus conductor and soundtrack by The Centipedes (formerly known as Centigradez).

Rated R for indecent exposure of feet.



An emotional tale of life, tragedy, leftovers and moving on. Based on the true story of a waiter at Hotel De Pilawoos (not played by Tom Cruise), this movie recounts one man’s lone struggle against injustice and local health inspectors (played by Sanath Gunethelika and Samuel L. Jackson).

Rated PG for mild scenes of diarrhoea.



Inspired by the original School of Rock, this movie follows a group of local hiphop artists as they try to reach greater heights by lowering their pants. Shot entirely on location next to the escalator at Majestic City, this movie is truly an inspiration for anyone with oversize pants, bad language skills and the creatively handicapped. Features brand new re-re-re-remixed versions of remixed Hindi movie songs.

Rated PG-13 for bad language and overexposed boxer shorts.


A new animation (not from the creators of South Park) featuring oversized drawings of politicians. This unique animation of a political rally was done in just 4 colours (blue, green, red and yellow) and features the voice talents of the inmates of the Dehiwela Zoo and a lottery ticket seller from Slave Island.

Rated R for bad and/or misleading language.


Written by Shams


themissingsandwich said... 23 January 2008 at 08:11  

Bata also did a sequal called 300 slippers where the hero charges into battle by raising his foot and screaming "This is for BATA!"

Hilarious! :D

You are very creative!

Excellent one!

awesome :D

Awesome sequel! But wasn't the original title was 299.99? (This is really for BATAAA!!!!)

Then there was the Slipper Wars when Stallone and Ranjan Ramanayake (again... sadly, he never misses an opportunity!) decided to do Ranpa - First Foot. Ranpa II and Ranpa III didn't quite make it past the concept board. Too violent.

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