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I'm not one to celebrate 31st of December; it's generally spent eating ice cream while lying on my couch reading a good book. This takes on particular significance in a country like Sri Lanka, where the lamest 31st night party ticket could cost you at least Rs.3000/=.

This 31st night turned out quite differently - a chance call by a friend around 10 p.m. resulted in a chance to go to the FTV party being held at the Taj, courtesy a free ticket. So I join in, figuring that I'll finally figure out what the whole city had been raving about for weeks. For starters, I was shocked that traffic at Mount Lavinia at 10.30 p.m. on a Monday night resembled that of rush-hour traffic. Then, stranger still was the amount of vehicles on the road in the city. The traffic, the lack of parking - all of them new to me. It took us a good 1/2 hour to get to our table, and mind you, that was from one end of a corridor at the Taj to the other! Incredibly, when we were staggering out at 4.30 in the morning, people were still queueing up outside to get in!! At 4.30 in the morning!! I'm not sure what they were expecting at that ungodly hour. All the drinks were finished, most of the food gone, and I think even the FTV dancers had disappeared.

It was quite literally a meat market...lot of young men & women, dressed to the gills trying to impress each other. And a lot of men with bug eyes, staring at the FTV dancers. I found a short video on the net, which sums up the picture beautifully (make special note of the background noises).

The saddest part was recognizing a student of AIS there, not even over 18. Going by the crowd he was a part of, I'm guessing that a lot of under aged kids got sloshed that night, across hotels. Are the powers-that-be at these hotels so money minded that they don't even have the good sense to restrict the event to adults?


missing hippie said... 11 January 2008 at 01:40  

I've avoided these parties like the plague. It's just a crime to pay obscene amounts to dance to music that sucks and hob nob with staggering overdressed people who managed to fool themselves into thinking they're having a great time because their friends have done the same! These people aren't really celebrating the New Year (though they think they are). They're just cementing their place in the social heirarchy. You wouldn't find Paris Hilton going for midnight mass, hanging out with family or any of that shit. No, she has to make it to the headlines and pages of every celebrity magazine. Her existance depends on it.

I had a blast this new year's eve with my close friends on a beach down south. It's affordable, no dress code, the music is fantastic (good house/trance/techno) and everyone's free to trip out on anything without any inhibitations (except maybe for the cops... he he!). It was wilder than most parties and colombo clubs. Everyone from the tourists to the locals partied till 10 am and it didn't matter if you had sand up your bum! We've been doing this for the last three years. And the locals (esp the guest houses and food 'kades') appreciate it because they desperately need the business. Most haven't fully recovered from the tsunami, let alone the tourism slump since the war. People still call me up and ask when we're coming again. And they still remember us a year later.

However, this year we did see something alarming. Down South has suddenly become hip for the Paris Hiltons of Colombo! We saw many of 'em there and they looked lost, confused (why is everyone in shorts and slippers???)and were quite annoying (even the locals couldn't tolerate the whining and hoity-toitiness of some of 'em!). My only hope is that they don't completely infest the small town and ruin the unique ecosystem.

But there's nothing we can do besides minding our own business and enjoy ourselves regardless of who's around us or what others think. It's our New Year, too. (hic!)

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