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I won a radio competition last October, and was promised a delightful gift from Levi's. Come November, I was told that I'd have to wait till the competition ended to collect my gift, which was fine by me. Come December, I was told to wait till the new showroom was complete to collect my gift. Now, the last time I won something from Levi's it was a miserable cap, so I didn't take too much interest in the matter. January came and went, and yesterday, I heard the selfsame RJ on, repeating the phone number of the station. So I called her, asking about my gift. She asked me to call the marketing people, which I did. Without any sort of apology for the delay, she proceeded to give me directions on how to collect the gift.

Marketing woman: Show your ID, and you can collect it from the Levi's showroom.
Me: Which one?
MW: The one in Nawala
Me: Where is that?
MW: On the Nawala-Narahenpita road.
Me: Ok, but where exactly? Is there a landmark?
MW: It is near the Keells Super.
Me: Near the Keells?
MW: Actually, just next to it.
Me: Thanks.

Armed with these directions, expecting nothing more than a cap, I went down the Nawala-Narahenpita road. I couldn't even find the Keells. There was a big board that said Keells, but no Keells. Now I called up a friend from Nawala, and was promptly told that while he had no idea where Levi's was, a Keells should not be so difficult to find. Feeling utterly moronic, I tried going down the road once more. This time, I realized that the Keells board pointed at a building behind the carpark, but there was no Levis in the vicinity. Rather desperate, I called up another friend. He promptly tells me that the said Levi's is not next to Keells, but inside Keells!

Now seething at MW, I make my way down this miserable road, for the third time. I turn into the Keells, and like my friend predicted, there is the Levi's showroom, sitting INSIDE the Keells building.

And what did I get for all my trouble? A mug.


TNL?'d you guess?

Ha ha ha! That is SO funny!

And they wonder why the brand doesn't sell.

Those guys have been going down lately. Not really surprised. I remember when their VIP card was a major headache to some. Hope you got that @ least.


they've been giving away levis stuff on TNL for a while now. i won a t shirt about 2 years ago but then they just told me to come to TNL. it was a crappy t-shirt, probably the cheapest available but at least they didn't make me run around to get it.

heh heh good one...

good one indeed!! :)

Aw man...used to love TNL...why are they losing it??

they haven't been giving away crappy tshirts for just two years - i remember winning a crap fake levis tshirt in... wait for it... 1998. i was so young then :-)

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