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So, I had an eleven thirty meeting for which I left office early, around eleven o'clock. All this was yesterday. I took a left from Wijeyrama Mawatha, and was cruising down Horton Place towards Green Path, noting the traffic on the opposite lane (towards Borella), due to the colour lights.

The rest of the story took place in a matter of seconds:

The car in front of me suddenly swerved to the left and stopped dead. I looked straight ahead to find two white Defenders, with STF personnel (I think) pointing guns all round, charging towards me. In front of them, were about ten bikes, with military guys waving guns at us and screaming 'ain wenne ain wenna!'. Let me clarify, they were in MY lane, going the wrong way.

'Ain wende? Kohatada yako ain wenne?' was what ran through my head. The lane to the right of me was blocked, and straight ahead was a VVVVVVIP convoy. So I too swerved to the left...CRASH BOOM BAM!!!

I helplessly watched as the convoy zipped passed us, with about two black tinted cars - BMWs or Mercs. Fortunately for me, the guy I knocked was extremely understanding, but then given the circumstances, how could he not be? The damage? HUGE. My bonnet, buffer and lights all need to be replaced. The AC condenser or some such is bent in two. The other guy needs to get his buffer replaced, along with some serious work on his boot. My repair cost is already close to 50,000 thousand.

I was so f@#%ing pissed it was not funny. As I waited for my garage dude and the insurance guy to arrive, another two such convoys passed, while the cops asked me to remove my car. The first cop got a piece of my mind, and the second fellow got piece of my garage guy's mind.

Why the hell can't they just block the roads while these convoys pass? Had I been on a bike, I'd be dead by now. As it is we have road blocks; stopping vehicles for ten or fifteen or even twenty minutes is infinitely preferable to this nightmare. I'm fairly certain that I'm not alone in suffering this kind of mishap. This so dangerous and irresponsible and...just plain stupid.

Is the story over? Not really. The insurance saga will be posted shortly.


Yet another good example of life in a banana republic ya?

This the sad state of our nation... and will continue to slide further into total chaos, unless... Unless we put our foot down and say now enough.No one should be above the law, no one.

But, we (and I include myself) go on thinking its none of my business, its someone elses problem... and so these so called public servants will continue to do as they please, break the law, be a law unto themselves. Look at SLRC and the fracas there!

For myself, I no longer tolarate it. I don't give way to the jerk driving at me on the wrong side of the road, if he wants to play chicken, so be it. I insist on getting exact change, not a toffee that I don't want... And when traffic is halted for some idiot to zoom past, I blow my horn in derision; for this is my country, the land of my birth and I am tired of what is being done to it!

The Banana Republic is taking on a more menacing look. A couple of incidents in the past two weeks where people I work with or know being taken into custody with no grounds and simply being held on the flimsiest of suspicion.

Also read this:

Been thinking about your older post on patriotism. I don't think I am a patriot in any sense of the word, although at one time, I think I was.

I don't think you should risk life or property to just give way to a VIP. If you had no way to move without causing an accident, you shouldn't have. Just shrug and say "what to do?" They aren't gonna shoot you. I've done it a couple of times and been sworn at but just laughed back. The BGs had to dismount and direct traffic out of the way. If it's a VVIP the road would've been closed. This would have been some deputy minister or something.

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