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I’m particular about how people behave when they are in my car. Specifically, they MUST wear their seatbelts, and they MUST always, always lock the door. Personally, I don’t think that this is too much to ask. Which is why I’m surprised by one of my classmates, who makes an almighty fuss each time I ask him to lock his door. Apparently, I’m being paranoid. Maybe I am, but hey – it’s MY car. I get to set the rules. Besides which, if I’m being nice enough to drop people right to their doorsteps, I fail to see why they need to fuss about such simple instructions.

Last Wednesday evening, I was dropping this guy home, and he actually refused to lock the door, giggling like a 10 year old. I had to pull over, reach over him, and lock the damn door. I’m so tempted to stop giving such people lifts, but I know that if I do that, I’ll end up turning into the bitch with the car who is too proud to help others out.


Onto more annoying stories of passengers. On Saturday, I was traveling to Fort for some work after class, and one of my classmates asked me if I could drop him off at the railway station. I agreed. Then he said that he needed to pick up a parcel from a cousin at Liberty Plaza, and if I could stop there for 5 minutes. Nice girl that I am, I said ok.

Now, the background of this guy is that he lives in Matale, and was in England for the last 3 years or so, and only comes to Colombo for the weekends. Now I’m cruising down Galle Road, and as I’m passing Majestic City, he starts frantically waving. “You’re passing it! You’re passing it!” he screeches. “Passing what?” I ask. Liberty Plaza, says he.

I had gathered that I was traveling with a nitwit, and had done the necessary lane changes. Fortunately, the road was mostly empty. My blood however, had already started boiling.

“XYZ, this is Majestic City. Notice the big letters saying Majestic City on the sides?”

“Anh…Majestic City, Liberty Plaza…what’s the difference?”

By now I was ready to push him out of the moving car. “Difference? Difference? How about them being two different locations in two different parts of town? Or the fact that if my reflexes were any slower, I’d have to drive back the half the length of Colpetty to get you to where you wanted to go?”

“Well, I’m not familiar with Colombo and I don’t have to be. I don’t live here.”

Because I knew my temper so well, I held my tongue. If you’re asking people for favours, I think firstly, you need to be clear on what you’re asking for. Especially when you want to be dropped off somewhere. Secondly, you need to have zero arrogance. At least have the courtesy to say sorry. Grrrrrrrrrrr

I never knew it was so difficult to be a nice person.


I'd have calmly driven to Liberty Plaza and dropped him there and then said “Anh…Majestic City, Liberty Plaza…what’s the difference?”.

Then again I've never be called a nice person, so I've got nothing to lose there :D

Messing around in Col is no joke.. You have to plan exactly where your going, and which exit your going to be taking, if you want to save your petrol and time.

If it turned out to be MC he was going to.. I would have made him walk (not bothering to come back around). Luckily my friends aren't that stupid, and even if they make a honest mistake, they'd apologize. :)

oh boy.. how annoying..
that would've really pissed me off.. but then again, he's not around much,, can't blame him also ...
shit happens... :(

on the contrary, its very difficult to be a nice person. which is why i refrain whenever possible :)

Yes indeed, they need to respect your wishes.

Entering your car is similar to entering your house and they must be respectful.

It is also dangerous to drive around with your doors unlocked, someone can open the door and get in endangering you both. Its not common, but no need to take chances. The same thing applies to seatbelts. If you are in an accident and your passenger is injured, you will have to do the explaining to his family.

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