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So, was talking to a friend today. More like letting off (more) steam. And we agreed on one thing: why is it that we're supposed to act all mature and take the higher road when everyone around us are acting like total brain-dead idiots? How come some people get to act like 5 year old kids, throwing tantrums and sulking at will, while we have to wait patiently till they come around?

And we can't even think about pulling the same kind of stunts - oooh no. Heaven forbid we actually act immature, because suddenly, everyone will be screaming and shouting and in general acting as if we were the reincarnation of Jack the Ripper. Our patience has to be limitless, our understanding as vast as the ocean and our maturity level only needs to be slightly higher than that of Jesus. No, human frailty was not meant for us (only for our friends).

Why is it so difficult being good? Why is it so difficult to do the right thing? How come nobody appreciates it, and how come no one meets you at some point of the road, if not half way? I'm sick to death of always taking the higher road, of always being the mature one, and of always having to do the right thing. I'm not Jesus.


Hmmm find another bunch of friends who'll appreciate it when you act immature and who doesn't mind taking the low road with you :)

There are only a handful of people like you in the world. Being able to bear other peoples burdens yet unable to share your own. Take strength from that fact. You are one in a million.

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