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Got tagged by Jack Point, and didn't want to break the momentum, so I'm stepping out of my study break to list ten things that make me happy.

  1. Chocolate: With liqueur, with mint, with nuts, the white kind, Maltesers...yum! They can make me happy anytime, anywhere.

  2. Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl: Happy happy happy movie. It always leaves me with a smile. Especially when I'm depressed.

  3. A warm, tight hug.

  4. Someone playing with my hair.

  5. A massage: From my shoulders down to the base of my spine. It is guaranteed to always make me feel better and leave me happy.

  6. A special look, from a special someone.

  7. A compliment.

  8. Playing in the ocean.

  9. Bon Jovi: Any song, any time. He has a song to suit every mood you're in. At least every mood I'm in. And it always leaves me with a smile. Happy.

  10. Sushi: The real stuff, not just seaweed stuffed with omelettes.

When I'm back from my exams, I'll probably do a separate post with a fuller list and more details. Till then, happy blogging!


ummm... sometimes we tend to miss out on little things... like playing with my hair...

it sure does give that lovely feeling..:)

aha.. the dreaded exams. if i'm not mistaken you and i start on the same day (the 21st?). hopefully this will be my last year.

good luck with yours!! :)

Lady Divine, I don't have big things in my life that make me happy.

Happiness comes from the little things, like watching a movie I love, or that feeling when someone plays with your truly sucks, but thank heavens for the small mercies.

All bar the last one I can agree with! :)

Agree with LD on that, and good luck with the exams.

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