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Some people have this incredible knack for being insensitive. They can look you in the eye and say things just to hurt you. They have conversations with others that they know is equivalent to stabbing you in the back with a knife...and then oh-co-nonchalantly are able to turn that knife round and round and round. They are able to take things you share with them (yeah, mea culpa), twist it around, and laugh about it behind your back. They also have this ability to walk away when they see your eyes glisten. They can even ignore you for 3 days straight, knowing that you're sick, stressed out, underweight, and perhaps passed out somewhere for sheer lack of energy.

I'm beginning to think that my sensitivity to these things is a HUGE weakness. My inability dish out as good as I get is almost as big a weakness. Being good really doesn't pay in any sense of the word, and being sensitive and caring are perhaps worse qualities than sensitivity (and I'm not your usual china doll or shrinking violet kind of girl either).

So, I want someone to teach me how to be insensitive. Someone please, please teach me how to give as good as I get. And how to stop caring. I want a massive crash course in which I promise to dutifully study, practice and pass with honours. A few lessons on how to be rude is also welcome.

Wanted Urgently: A Crash Course In Insensitivity


I could use that too. Care for a classmate? :)

hehe.. well if that's a class i'd like to sign up for too!

Being sensitive to the world around you is extremely difficult to maintain and so you should feel happy to be one of the lucky ones. But remember that the same people who are sensitive to people around them (acquantainces and general friends) are not the same with people closer to them in life (family and partners). There is always a balance...think on it and you will realize ;)

i wrote a somewhat similar post about a month back, but unfortunately didn't get any volunteer teachers. if you find someone do let me know :D

like dili said, Care for a classmate? ;)

Lots of classmates, I see!

We need a teacher though, and haven't found a willing candidate yet!

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