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I don't want to be a lawyer anymore. They say this happens to wanna-be DA's in their second year of law school, but I guess it's happening to me early.

I didn't want to be a lawyer for the money. Money was never why I'm upto my eyebrows in debt trying to get a frigging LLB. I wanted to do good. I wanted to help people. I figured that if I'm a prosecutor, I can help put the bad guys away. even if I'm unable to get that far, I'd still be qualified to help victims in some capacity or another.

Now I realize that people don't want to be helped. They actually enjoy living their miserable lives. A genuine soul looking to help them is a BIG no-no. After all, I must be out to get something, no? Why else would I actually stretch my hand out to help somebody? Nobody in their right minds would do that, right?

So why become a lawyer? Why try and do something that no one wants me to do? Why help people when they don't want it? Why do I even bother with any of this shit?


err.. because it allows you to add a bunch of letters to the end of your name to prove you're not an idiot? is that good enough reason for sticking it out? that's why i'm doing it, though i did start out with all the good intentions you mentioned.

plus, listening to rana's lectures are also quite cool :)

bummer, that should be IS quite cool.

ah I had this crisis six months into my LLB :D

i think its pretty amazing that you want to be able to help people.. although there are some people who dont appear to want grab hold of the life-line you throw them, there are still others who are desperate for that helping hand..

well there are other options apart from being a DA. You could practise on your own (and help people when they come to you) or help out at an NGO, legal skills are generally useful.

Actually the letter names are useful for helping people. You get to make the decisions over those without the letter names.

Agree about NGO. Volunteer work in particular. Helps get hands on experience and provides a different perspective. You won't see short term benefits, but will help in the long term. But from what you say you may find it difficult with your financial commitments, so its easier said than done.

Do hope it works out.

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