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I paid one of my rare visits to the salon. Never being a regular, making appointments are alien to me. So I turned up unannounced, and was made to wait for ½ hour till my turn came. The coffee table beckoned me, with its dazzling array of Hi! magazines, which I was loathe to touch. That left me with a lone Femina.

Honestly, I was expecting at least decent articles from a magazine of that caliber. I was sadly mistaken. Almost every article was on how to look good – what make up to wear, how to wear it, wear to buy said make up from…I think you get the drift. There was an article on what men found hot in women, and the usual long legs, pert butt and cleavage made an appearance there. To add insult to injury, they had actually listed out some 50 or 100 Indian female celebrities, and were asking the readers to vote on who was the most beautiful!

Possibly to save face (no pun intended), there was a lone article about a former anorexic and another one about feeling good about one’s own body. To be honest, I barely noticed those two articles, distracted as I was on all the regimens that I was supposed to put my poor humble face through.

What on earth happened to inner beauty? What happened to being a good/nice/interesting/intelligent person? Its 2008, and even so-called feminist, women’s rights magazines can only talk about how women can strive to look good. Do the women who run Femina have golf courses between their ears – vast empty spaces with nothing of value? Is there nothing more valuable to tell women today than how to look pretty?

At 28, I’m a woman who doesn’t even know how to wear makeup, let alone wanting to put all that goop on my face! Apart from removing unwanted, excess hair, I try to look as natural as possible, with minimum aid from beauty products of all sorts. As long as one is presentable, nothing further is required. I do it on purpose – I see no purpose in something as superficial as beauty with zero value. At the end of the day, beauty will not keep you entertained, and it makes for rather poor conversation on a rainy day. Last I checked, a person was supposed to be judged by what was inside, not by the skill with which they applied pancake on their faces.

But clearly I form a tiny minority, probably a dying breed. Even women, those most discriminated by this requirement of looking good, seem to disagree with me.

No wonder I’m still single…


There are still a few ppl who appreciate simple beauty rather than artificial beauty. Count me in as one of em.

is femina a feminist magazine? i didn't think so. ms. for example, if its still coming out, is a large format liberal feminist magazine.
i thought femina was like cosmopolitan.
but i don't know, i don't really see these mags much.

And I thought I was the only one who doesn't and doesn't know how to put make up on who doesn't and doesn't know how to put make up on :D

Well, I read Cosmo on and off, and it doesn't seem to be as bad as the Femina I read!

And Femina claims to stand up for women's rights etc...check out the editorials...ironically, this one was on Barbie's proportions.

You must carry the faith that men are not that vain about women with make-up! :-S

And I tagged you - sorry!

Hey count me into the club. I have make-up (bare minimum compaed to most of my friends) and am bad at putting it on, and it invariable drips off on those rare occasions that I do use it.

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