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Relationships hurt. Being in love hurts. Unrequited love, perhaps, hurts more than both. And it's even worse when you feel like you are all alone in the world, with no family that you can go to, and friends who are too screwed up to be there for you when you truly need them. This post is a message to the most courageous guy I know - a person who has had the guts to unashamedly be who he is, to be the bestest of friends and to be wise way beyond his years. A real life Justin.

I wish you'd have faith in yourself, and see in yourself what I see. It is ridiculous that people with golf courses between their ears have men and women falling at their feet and you (worth ten times their weight in gold), will go through life all alone. I know that the world is full of idiots, but surely, it isn't exclusively full of idiots? There is definitely going to be someone out there, who appreciates sense, reason and maturity. One day, the law of averages has to catch up with you.

Feeling too much and thus getting hurt in the process is a curse that you will always suffer from - anyone capable of genuinely feeling and thinking are in the same boat. You in particular will be alone for a bit longer, because young as you are, you'll have to wait for your generation to catch up with your level of maturity. But hey, look on the bright side - I'm there too, so you're in exalted company!

If somebody doesn't love you, believe me, it's their loss. Any man, or woman, should be so lucky as to have you. Someday - today, tomorrow or twenty years from now - they are going to wake up one morning and realise what they have lost when they let you go.

The key is not to lose hope, or faith. The more you fasten your mask, the longer it takes to heal. It's good to be depressed and wallow in one's misery - believe me, I'm an expert. It also consumes far less energy than putting on a show day in day out (expert in that too). The day you lose faith in yourself is the day that life truly becomes pathetic. Till then, all your life will be is difficult. You can have anyone you want - if you want them bad enough. The trick is not to lose hope, and to work through everything that you could possibly do to make it happen (isn't that what you told me?).

But know yourself. Know that you are worth more than all these other morons who keep hurting you over and over again. Know that your life is just starting, and there is a world of possibilities ahead of you. Know that finally, you have a real shot at making your dreams come true. Know that if you hang on, you will find love.

Till then, my shoulder is there for you anytime you want to cry. Or be depressed. Or to take of your mask and just be yourself.


Every single work struck a chord! Beautifully written and every word so true! Hopefully he finds his perfect match! Clichéd as it may be - good things come to those who wait! :)

oh my GOD!! this is something I really needed to read!! and it just struck me totally!!!
wonderfully written and you got me well connected...

Thank you so much for this post.. I really needed it....

Thanks, Scrumpulicious.

Lady Divine, I'm glad it helped. I just hope it helps the person it was written for.

nice post, Justin is lucky to have you

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