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I know I'm not. Not even close. I know the difference between looking beautiful and being beautiful. Sadly it seems, the rest of the world hasn't caught on as of yet.

As right as I know I am, the world out there still manages to get to me at times.

I hate:

  • Always being thought of as too fat or too thin, but never the 'right' size.
  • The fact that there is a right size.
  • People saying that beauty is only skin deep, and then looking for fair people.
  • Having to wear makeup to make myself look good. I don't wear makeup and I don't look good. Deal with it.
  • Men who say they love women with flaws, and then turning around to go chase the porcelain beauties.
  • Having a personality and not being valued for it.
  • Women who denounce anorexia and then go on diets.
  • Women who can get anyone or anything, just because they look good.
  • Men who fall for that.
  • Having to feel inferior when I know I'm the better person.
  • Photographs of myself.
  • Barbie dolls. Especially in real life.
  • Creatives who insist on 'a fair, pretty girl', despite the fact that majority of the populace looks otherwise.
  • Beauty companies. And Fair & Lovely. And the magazines that feed off them.
  • Having to look in the mirror.
  • People who agree with what I say but still goes and prays at the altar of beauty.
  • The fact that we were all not born blind.
  • People who look like Greek gods (or goddesses) but have personalities that could curdle milk.
  • How such people are worshipped.
  • The expression 'easy on the eyes'.
  • Being judged for something I have no control over.
  • The notion of being 'feminine' and 'feminine beauty'.
  • Beauty pageants.
  • The idea of eternal youth.
  • The feeling that I'm part of an extinct species on this planet.


hmm...interesting..i think this post by our fellow blogger may bear similar comparisons how you see beauty..ny ways nice post

Barbie girls provide constant entertainment for men who are sexually frustrated.

As far as I know, they look like skeletons when they're naked. The after-sex talk is pretty much depressing as well.

Beauty over intelligence, is a choice that men are forced to take due to the lack of availability of intelligent women in social circles. Even when they're available they never want to stand out. So beauty by far has become the judge of women, because it's the safest way to go.

If you're part of the species then so am I!

If your blogging is anything to go by - you are a beautiful person! :)

Thanks, Real Skull.

ME: I cannot believe that there is a dearth of intelligent women in social circles. As for standing out, why should anybody strive for that? You are who you are: there is no need to try and be the centre of attention. Correct me if I've misunderstood your remark.

As for the safer way to go, I think it just shows a lack of character.

Scrumpulicious, thank you!!! Nice to know that someone shares my feelings!

I have to agree with the me guy (on the lack of intelligent women). But the reason I think is because women don't allow men to get close in our culture.

So men have nothing to do but judge a woman by her beauty. I have personally wanted to get to know several women when I was looking for a partner, but women rarely show their true faces to us.

I'm happily married today to a lovely wife that I could have never dreamed of. It was an arranged marriage and I judged her by her qualifications as well as her pretty face.

Perhaps arranged marriages are the best way to go in our society.

I had these same bunch of thoughts in my head couple of days back . But im sure , ur not wat you think you are. You probably just refuse to see the prettiness what everyone else sees in you ! :)

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