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Instead of being my usual grumpy self, I've been unusually cheerful for the last two weeks. Of course, no one (aside from meself and a chosen few) knows why I'm happy. I've had at least six different people from office ask me the reason for my oh-so-jolly state of being; all they got as a reply was a secretive smile and a nonchalant shrug.

Sooooo...the natural conclusion that people seem to have drawn is that I'm having sex!! Yaaaaaaay...except that I'm not. It would be wonderful if I actually was getting some, but I'm not. As nice as it is to let people think that I'm leading a life that makes them envious, I do have to wonder why it's always about sex. Can't a girl be happy for other (more cerebral) reasons?

I can understand people making the mistake once. But having set the record straight in the first week itself, I have to wonder why all the guessing still revolves around sex, sex and more sex in all its various forms. In fact, I'm so tempted to give in and say it is sex, except that then I'd have to volunteer the name of a non-existent other person.

Which brings me to my next train of thought: is getting laid sooooo important that it is the only explanation for happiness? (Not that I was even happy - what I was was cheerful. I could or could not have been happy).

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy sex just as much as the next person (or perhaps even more), but I realize that there is far more to life than merely getting laid. I, for one would be just as happy holding someone's hand or even getting flowers as I would be if I had sex. It's a much warmer feeling knowing that somebody cares.Little things or big things - aside from sex, there's a lot of things that can make one beam. Clearly, the rest of the world (or at least my colleagues) think differently.

Aah well, till I have a reason that can be admitted in public, I guess they'll all keep thinking that I'm getting what I'm not.


Imagination does wonders! For most people, what is in top of of their minds come out first!, when guessing about another!

Good to see a happy person around these days, hope the mood holds.

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