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Wonderland, in fact, is not as wondrous as it sounds. A nice, innocent girl, whose tragic flaw is that of initial boredom and curiosity finds herself trapped in a strange land. Much like real life. Too much like real life. And if you thought the story actually progressed, you'd be wrong.

Chapter after chapter follows the same sick format - Alice is eternally the wrong size, she is practically chasing an illusion (in the form of a rabbit), she is constantly surrounded by caterpillars and mad hatters and cards (all of whom vie with each other to be the most obnoxious), she is forever lost and it's always the wrong door. Oh yeah, and food and beverages constantly appear to make a bad situation...equally bad.

Life, I am beginning to think, is much like Alice's Wonderland. I'm surrounded by Mad Hatters and Caterpillars, it's always the wrong door, I'm always the wrong size, I'm most definitely lost...and as for the illusion, I've been chasing it practically forever. And the Cheshire Cat? I guess we all have one or two loony friends who helps us out here and there. I'm as lost and confused now at 28 as I was at 21. Same feeling when I was 24. Things really weren't very different in between either. I suppose sooner or later, the nightmare will cease.

Ah well, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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