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In the last three to four weeks, I've seen a lot of rejection happening by (or to) people around me. It genuinely feels like the season for rejection. As if the stars said to themselves 'let's all align ourselves such that at least one heart will be broken every two days for the next four weeks'. What is with that?

As always, I shall start with myself. I got hit on by a friend (and a really good one at that) that I hadn't even in my craziest, most bizarre dreams thought of in 'that way'. I think it was just the sex he was interested in. I hope it was just the sex he was interested in. How do you let down a friend, because I really, really did not want to hurt his feelings any more than necessary (true to the spirit of the season, he was dumped by his on again off again girlfriend four weeks or so earlier). Believe me, saying no to a friend is only marginally better than being rejected yourself. I didn't want to lie, yet the whole truth and nothing but the truth would have been even worse. So I opted for part of the truth - and now because I left part of the truth out, he thinks there's some hope. There is only so much flirting one can ignore without appearing completely obtuse, and therefore the choice was between continuous hurting or appearing incredibly stupid. I chose the latter. I feel awful, knowing that I'm hurting a friend who needs someone now.

In a different train of thought, why do we want people that we know we can't have? He knows better than most that I'm off limits. I, on my part, want people that are beyond my league. And thus the vicious cycle continues. A wants B, B wants C, C wants D and D wants E...maybe we all should take a dose of E.

Of course, my friends have it even worse. They are in semi-relationships and have got themselves neck-deep in heartbreak. How can two people suffer from the most incredible of cross-connections? A thinks that she's in a sex-free (soon to happen though) relationship with B. B thinks he's being a real good friend (and only that) to A. By the time B has smelled the coffee, A is already planning the wedding. And when you're dealing with nice people, with friends, it becomes so damn difficult to say no!

And those are just the stories I'm in the mood to put down. At last count, some five of us were rejected or have rejected others (all friends of some sort) within the last two weeks.

Why do we want people we simply cannot have? And how do you say no to a friend without hurting them?


hmmm... either way it's bound to hurt someone...:(

and about wanting that which we cannot have, well it hurts but it keep happening....sigh..:(

hope it works out well for you...
good luck! :)

Blimey...I was gonna make a long overdue phone call to Lanka...but reading that..and my superstition about Mondays...I think I'll put it off for tomorrow!

hmmmm, sometimes i wonder whether i am mad or the rest of the world is, but knowing what i've done and been thorugh, i guess my conclusion should be that i am mad.....

Anon, I wish I knew what you are talking about! (or meant)

Lady D, I seriously doubt anything will work out for me. I will only hurt and be hurt. I guess I'm in good company though!

N, wait a week or so and make your call ;)

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