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What a weekend. From midnight Friday to midnight Sunday, 5 people (4 friends plus me) winded up in tears at the state our lives were in. Almost everyone I knew (and was with) got depressed on Saturday; much of the crowd remained depressed throughout Sunday.

Common themes ran through all of us: broken hearts, empty lives, the fear of being alone, the fear of not being good enough, dealing with 'other women' (a psychotic Barbie doll and a slut to be precise), rejection, jealousy, casual sex and the ensuing mess...

All this lead to my first nicotine puff. Well, more than puff. Can't say I'm proud of it, though I have a better understanding now of why people smoke. Why good people suffer - and so many of them at that - will always remain a mystery to me. I'm not sure that any of us managed to resolve any issues, but at least we know that we're not alone. And we know that we should be able to find at least two people somewhere out there who genuinely care that we suffer.

It's amazing what a shoulder can do for you during trying times.


Hey Shoat,
Do whatever you want but drop the nicotine. It is not worth it. What ever the problems you have, i am sure you can deal with it. Just think what you got rather that what you don't. See poverty hurts by Tavish to see the difference.(
Slap the bitches if you want to but don't smoke! :) it something in the air? I would actually suggest weed as opposed to least u get high and relaxed and fuck up your lungs. Nicotine as a stress reducer only works for a very short period of time. Cost isn't worth it..

I guess I'm actually in the same boat.... About 3 weeks ago, I was at the peak of frustration with problems and the kind of thing you had mentioned... so met up with 2 friends and had a good talk about it and felt so much better...
booze and nicotine sure does make your head light and feel better.. but it should never be encouraged..
and the after effects later are certainly not worth it....

take care.. and remember, you've got me too.. anytime..:)


themissingsandwich said... 15 July 2008 at 00:01  

hey you forgot the Tarot reading. But ya, I think we all bonded in our misery and that's the nice part of having equally miserable friends eh? (and may I add yoi yoi yoi or whatever that Japanese song is that's still running through my head!)

agree with N, stay off the nicotine, switch to weed, its safer.

I had one puff once and the taste was so horrible it put me off for life.

I agree with N and Jack. ive had both, quite a lot. Weeds much better! but occasionally mind you or u'll become a junkie. as for the nic, yeah leave it. it's nothing.

anyways, you shouldn't even be thinking of getting high when you're down. tunnels and lights, clouds and silver linings! i know it makes you wanna slap me but its true.. cheers!

The only advice I can give you is stay away from the nicotine. It's seriously not worth it, if your looking for a temp high try weed. But too much of that is also bad, coz end of the day your killing your lungs. So the purest alternative would be Hash Cake or Cookies! Least harmful delivery system.

So think twice, before you smoke up. There is a difference between having a few puffs on a social level than dragging to forget troubles. Coz, ultimately you'll replace your troubles with an addiction.

My advice, drink up.. :o) Still.. all these are temp solutions!

Been there, done that, no solution...
search, you will find

I stopped nicotine long time ago because it was not the way.

Hey there Shoat,

so i totally know what your going through. my first advice. stop the smoking. its not worth it.

so here's my story. i moved to sri lanka a few years ago and i'm living in california now. and trust me there aint nothing lonelier than being in a far away land without your family and friends around you. many times i will me all alone in my apartment and feel the room ohh so empty. luckily i have made some friends here so usually try to go meet up with them and hang out with them. that makes me feel a little better.

at least your are at home, with your friends and family around you. thats a great thing and works alot better than smoking. trust me. its both a harmful and expensive addiction.

anyways.. hope this helps a bit.

i mean to say i moved from sri lanka in my earlier comment :-)

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