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Carpe Diem, they say. I'd sure like to carpe the diem. Carpe it till it's blue in the face and then we won't have any more days left to deal with. Wouldn't it then finally be an ideal world?

There are no white picket fences. There is no such thing as making it on your own. Love does not ever last. People don't send you flowers, only memos. Doing right eternally ends up going wrong.

Why am I ranting so early in the morning? Because I'm tired of life tripping me up every three weeks. I stopped making choices after the last one, hoping that by doing nothing, I could not go wrong further than I already have. Apparently, that option is not available to me, because if I, god forbid, stood around and waited for life to happen to me, I'm the one who'd go blue in the face. It would be nice if my life stopped spinning, and turned instead. At 28, I'm pretty certain that people are supposed to have a better hold on things. At least if I understood the language in which the script was written, perhaps I'd be getting by a bit better.

Oh look, familiar territory. Misery Isle. Perhaps this isn't depression I'm feeling, but nostalgia. Which would be refreshing, because that means I have depression to look forward to (it should be doing the rounds pretty soon).

Hmmmm...I should start playing Pollyanna's Glad Game. I should be glad to get emails and memos instead of flowers, because if I got flowers, I wouldn't have a vase to put them in, whereas I get to improve my language skills with the former. I should be glad white picket fences don't exist, because if they did, can you imagine the cost of painting it brilliant white all the time? Right going wrong all the time? Should be glad about that too. If right went right all the time, my life would either be perfect, or I'd become a saint; either ways, my life would become so boring that I'd die of boredom. The way it is now, I get to set new records by reaching depths beyond the Mariana Trench. Plus, I'm sure I serve as a source of amusement to somebody out there, and as a bad example to others.

So. Some more right going wrong choices will be served soon, another ride on the roller coaster (aka my life), definitely more blog posts from Misery Isle and another round of the glad game.

Carpe Diem!


*hugs* Pollyanna, and fingers crossed that things will get better. Till then, type it out, let it out and keep smiling.

At 28, I don't think I have any better hold of life... I doubt anyone does beyond the age of 5.

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