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"I am HIV positive" read the band on my colleague's table, a relic from a previous ad campaign intended to raise awareness of HIV. I had never taken particular notice of it, and I doubt that even she had. Until a hot-shot senior executive was recruited, and for some reason has ended up sharing our room. He saw the band, and asked her, in all earnest, what it meant. She told him it meant that she was "HIV positive". He stepped back a good 5 feet or so, and declared that he should stay away from her.

The two of us were shocked - not only from his obvious ignorance and blatant discrimination, but also by his tactlessness (what if she had been positive?). While she did the goldfish thing with her mouth, I explained to him that HIV was not an airborne disease, and he wouldn't contract it just by being around someone who was HIV positive. His answer was that "you never know" and "must be careful". At this point my colleague found her voice and quickly stepped into explain matters to him, when she saw the steam coming out of my ears - not that it helped clarify things to him. Grrrrrrrrrr!

Sometime later in the day, I found myself alone with the two of them again, where we patiently explained that though she wasn't HIV positive, his reaction highlighted his ignorance about the illness, and also showed a lot of prejudice. He was completely unmoved, and maintained that his attitude was the safest. Due to the risk of being put away for murder, I declined to argue further, though I made sure he knew exactly what I thought of him.

These are the people who form the so-called "Colombo Crowd"; the know-all and be-all of society, going to all the right schools, hanging out with all the right people, drinking at all the posh places...if this is the level of ignorance manifest in them, I have no hope for the rest of the island.



Well said. Refer: 'The Excrements of Colombo soceity' by Bear Praediligo.

oh my....

In fact a lot of people I know are bound to be like that...

eg: There's a friend of mine who has been diabetic for the last 17 yrs of her life.. she's now about 28.. she's getting married and the guy knows that she has diabetes. but when I said this to a relation who has seen my friend, you should've seen her reaction.... relation said how can she get married when she has diabetes and she can probably never have children coz she's on 2 insulin injections a day..

I shot at her and said that just coz she's diabetic doesn't mean she doesn't deserve a good life right? and I said that I'm ashamed and hurt to hear something like that and it feels bad coz she's my friend. I screamed and made the relation realise she was wrong...

this is how some people are... we can't change the world.. quite sad..

Isn't that sad?

The first boy I loved has a close family member who was +. Beleive me, the way people react is horrid. It's just this country's ppl men. So ignorant and prefer to stay that way.

C'mon C here you go again painting a picture out of context of a 'hot shot' exec without explaining your personal prejudice (formed from your own insecurity) about him and not mentioning that nothing he says is ever serious.... or to be take seriously but unfortunately for a cynic who has been used too many times you go past his lunacy and do the cardinal mistake of taking S seriously because you are in fact an apologist.

Learn from S, don't take yourself so seriously!

Anonymous, here you go again, getting your knickers in a twist.

Let's start with the first of your mistakes - you've got the wrong person in mind! Check the post date - 'S' wasn't even in the company, let alone the room when the said incident took place. You really do live in a world all your own, don't you? Less hallucinations may do you some good.

On to the next - given that I knew said AE for perhaps 4 days before this incident, I couldn't have had an opinion of him, one way or another. The 'prejudice', which I call opinion, formed only after his display of prejudice and stupidity. But those are features you revel in, so I doubt that you'd see the point.

As for your baloney about 'S', I've known him a bit longer than you, so why don't you deflate your self-importance and feelings of omniscience; because when I say something, I know what I'm talking about.

On to insecurity. I don't sufer from that ailment, in relation to anybody. I know I'm above average, and compared to some, waaaay above. Unlike you, I don't suffer palpitations at the thought of competition.

Some words of advice: stick to words with less than four letters, becuase you don't seem to comprehend the meaning of bigger words. In the likely situation that you would be too proud and full of self importance to do so, carry a pocket dictionary around, so you won't make a complete ass of yourself when sermonizing.

Lastly, the English lesson for the day: check out the link to find out what 'apologist' really means.

P.S. You don't really know me, so save the pscho-babble for a moron who'd buy it.

dearest queen, i now have no doubts as to why you call yourself that considering the high horse you seat yourself on surrounded with the absurd notions of how the world must turn.

my attention would never have been drawn to any of this had you not mistaken me to be anonymous. in all the time you've known me i would have at least expected you to have figured out that i don't do my dirty work under a pseudonym.

i've called you all sorts of things to your face and on many occasions agreed with you when you said that both you and i aren't nice people, regardless of everything else, we had that in common, there was never a misconception there.

however, i find it important to say that regardless of how 'not nice' i am, i still want to have a positive outlook on life, even if it involves the darkest of situations. i suppose i just grew weary of you and your ever pessimistic attitude and i've told you many times that you should try and think differently. i honestly tried to be your friend, you can't deny that.

i'm not among those who forget the past, i remember how you drove me to the doctors when i was scared senseless of something i'd discovered, i remember how you drove to my house just because i needed a friend to talk to and didn't want to be alone, i remember how you drove me from unawatuna to hikkaduwa even when you were dog tired because you knew i was uncomfortable. i remember, which is why it hurts me to read the things you keep saying, if not about anyone else then about me, on your blog.

yes, i was the one who called you an apologist, but if you recall the conversation we had in the cafe, i called you that in a positive way, however you've written about it as though i insulted you, which is what i assume you think the whole world is out to do, insult you. and why shouldn't you think that, when you go around so crudely insulting every single person who's ever been nice to you. i didn't want anything in return for your friendship, but i also didn't want to be insulted.

maybe my knowledge of the english language is questionable, that, perhaps, is why i cannot express my disgust in your behavior with as much finesse and crispness as you. but the thing about me is that i'm always willing to learn unlike you, who considering yourself to be above us all, believe that you know more about this world than any one of us.

and as far as 'S' goes, maybe anonymous hasn't known him for as long as you have, but i've known him for longer than you have, so should i choose to say anything about him in the future, please note that i DO know what i'm talking about.

i can only hope and pray that you will find your way out of the bitter existence you choose to call life and try to surround yourself with some form of happiness before it's too late.

all that being said, my puny and deflated mind has just thought of some advice for you as well, you dish it out so freely i'm sure you won't have an issue taking some.

my grandfather once told me that where ignorance is bliss it is folly to be wise, make of it what you must.

and as for the english lesson, it's great that such websites exist for people such as yourselves who like to sound important with the words they use since in reality, they aren't important at all.

yours truly,

ps. i may not know you, but then again, name one person in your twisted world who does.

Oh my, the plot thickens. Brandix, why did you ever assume that I thought you were 'Anonymous'? The person who had the blog address certainly wasn't you now, was it?

So in effect, you've taken two comments meant for another, assumed that it was all about you, and decided to write a novella as well preach. This whole thing is laughable, but i'm going to reply anyway, not just to tell you what a colossal mistake you've made, but perhaps so that 'Anonymous' might also realise a thing or two.

Yes, I am on a high horse; I've been so for a very long time. I'm well aware of my weaknesses, but also of my strengths, and if you want to call it a superiority complex, please go ahead. I know I'm better than some (and please note that even in my earlier post, I merely said that I'm better SOME, not ALL).

Again, before I start properly, do you really think that everything is about you, that all this was about you? Did you even read my Facebook status - would I discuss you with a boy in India who wouldn't even know you from Adam? Forget the crudity, but this time, you have your knickers in a twist. Whatever you thought, you were waaaaay off mark, because my monologues were obviously meant for another.

You've talked about our friendship, and while I could reply to you in a new post entirely, I won't. Because this post isn't about that, and neither were either mine or 'Anonymous's comments. If you grew weary of my 'pessimism', fine, that was your call to make. I've never been ashamed of who or what I am, and contrary to your belief of my leadng a bitter existence, I'm rather happy with my existence, which is far from bitter. As you have done in your entire post, you once again jump to assumptions. Why don't you deal with the facts at hand, which is what I did?

Again, you refer to my insulting you. At this stage, I'm clueless whether you are referring to comments which you have so mistakenly addressed to yourself, or to the one post which actually was about you. Or at least half of it. I shall address only the latter, since I see no point in wasting my time over your misconceptions.

The nature of a blog, as you well know, among other things, is to act as a kind of diary. Where one vents their feelings and ideas about things and people freely. I do the same. Yes, indeed I took our discussion where the initial 'apologist' came up negatively. I'm entitled to my thoughts, surely? The very reason the blog is anonymous is that I can vent without humiliating or insulting people whom I always keep anonymous. I did not know that the Anonymous in question was a person of such little sense or integrity to give away this kind of information. If you were insulted or hurt by that post, I cannot help it. My feelings are what they are, as is my style of speech. Only point to note is that it wasn't anything worthy of discussing with you, and the lack of names was clearly to prevent pointing fingers, eventhough my readers are not of your social circle.

As to your sermonizing on how I treat the world as well as my view of it, I fail to see how it is any business of yours. Plus, again, you've got it all wrong.

As for 'S', I shall stick to my opinion. You chose to wear a hat meant for another, and it is bizarre to even start framing an answer.

Your grandad's advice, I believe, is a paraphrasing of Thomas Grey. It is irrelevant to me, but given your case of mistaken identity, perhaps it is apt that you take it.

P.S. - you want to know one person who really knows me in this world? How about the boy you 'didn't' have an encounter with?

P.P.S. - if my words aren't important at all, I wonder that you and Anonymous have hung on to them with such sanctimonious eagerness.

P.P.P.S. - Besides, I don't understand why people use words they don't know the meaning of. Honestly.

excuse me while i die laughing :)

Wow, what a comeback! I hope the laughing dislodges the foot that's stuck way deep in your throat.

tsk..tsk...such childish banter "queen from another planet"

Lol, you guys are hilarious! Why don't you stick to your advocate's alibi, instead of showing such sanctimonious eagerness in 'unimportant words'?

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