The Shoat Statements

Random musings by the multiple voices inside my head.

I want:

To be appreciated.

Blame to be placed where it's due.

Everyone to be treated equally.

People to mind their own business.

A day at office where only good things happen.

To feel special.

To be smile and be happy by the little things.


Strawberry ice cream.

An extra hour every day.

To go back to Unawatuna.

To be pampered.

Everyone to be honest.

People to stop shooting the messenger.

A pair of boots.


Longer hair.

A new boss.

To play in the rain.

A massage.

Pretty clothes.

To be able to live my life the way I want to, without having to answer to anybody.

A Screwdriver.

The law of averages to start working soon.


A hug.


A day at officwe where only good things happen?? Impossible. btw whats a doraimon? and here's a BIG BIG hug. and also a kiss. XO ;-)


I will share my Strawberry ice cream!

Reminds me of the Shania Twain song "When"...

A massage...I can relate to that..


Doraemon is a big blue magical cat from a Japanese manga & anime series.

Thanks for all the hugs...& the ice cream!

Ruks, you're most welcome to explain yourself. ;)

Hmmm... where can we get good strawberry ice-cream these days? Even the Elephant House one I had recently tasted... crumby... (for the lack of a better word).

Screwdriver? The one you screw nails with or the one you drink?

Hugs and wishes that all your wants come true!

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