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I saw Lady Divine's post, inspired by Wackster and Drama Queen which prompted me to write my own version of it.

I remember how lonely my childhood was.

I don't want to hurt anyone.

I want to be successful.

I hate being used.

I wonder whether I’ll ever be loved.

I have tasted fear.

I know that I’ll never give up.

I wish I knew where my life is heading .

I love being pampered.

I won't stop trying to change the world.

I think I have a little bit of Pollyanna in me .

I hope that someone will step off the edge of the earth and through the waterfall.

I can be an A grade bitch.

I enjoy armchair moments.

I truly believe that we can all make a difference.

I will go on helping others.

I try to do the right thing.

I demand that people listen to me when I talk.

I desire knowledge.

I choose my own destiny.


heya queen....
this is nice..:)
so how's life at the moment? :)



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