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Last Thursday found me making a dash for my cousin's wedding at the Hilton. Poruwa at 6 p.m. meant that I was in no way going to make it on time, but I dutifully told my mother that I'd be there by 6.30 or 6.45 p.m. I was outside Hilton by 6.45p.m., and happily drove into the car park. Only to be told that I had to drive through to the other side since the function was at the Ballroom. No probs, think I. I soon find myself outside the Ballroom entrance, only to be told that the parking is full, and I must therefore park in the main parking.

So I do a full circle and find myself outside the Hilton main entrance, once again. This time, before I make it into the parking lot, a valet/bellboy/some such person tells me "Ballroom parking other side". To which I replied "Ballroom parking full. Can you valet park this please?". And then I proceeded to lose my temper when they very rudely informed me that they do not valet park at this hour (what, the drivers turn into mice by 7??), and that even if they did, the hotel doors are closed and therefore I cannot enter the hotel. Then the moron simply walked away.

After I sat on the horn for several minutes, another valet/bellboy/some such person comes along and repeats the same lines. So I asked them what to do, and they tell me go park at the Sports Centre, and cross the road, walk, and enter the Ballroom. WTF??!! This is a wedding, for which the couple is paying good money. With all the money they charge, surely Hilton can organise themselves better?

I was saved from exploding on the spot by pure chance, when my uncle's driver who happened to be loitering around came running to my service by driving me to the correct entrance and then parking my car heaven-knows-where. I wonder how many guests were crossing the road after the wedding, looking for their vehicles.

I suppose they're called five-star hotels because we end up seeing seeing stars there (and not just for the bills).


I am surprised you did not have your own coachman to drive your coach around!

Hmmmmp! I know! The very same thing happened to us last week and I had to stand idling by the entrance, sari-fied, bare back freezing, while hubby parked the car goodness knows where and trudged back...ages!

I have a strong suspicion that one can get better service for less stars somewhere...

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