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The joy that comes from giving, or gifting, is knowing that you have brought joy to someone, brought something special. It is essentially a selfless act, done for the happiness of another. It is an expression of something greater, not a be-all and end-all that has meaning in itself.

You cannot give to a person simply to satisfy oneself. But there are those who do. Those who give gifts every three weeks, like the trimming of a moustache or the rising of the moon, more for the satisfaction of their own inadequacies, than out of any genuine feelings. Or those who buy birthday gifts for every Tom, Dick and Harry to maintain their reputation as opposed to it being a celebration of a genuine relationship of some kind.

You can see it in the gifts, can't you? Coffee cups and candle stands that will (probably) clutter already crowded houses and paper weights and ornaments that are usually senseless even to the person who made it. Flowers, flowers and more flowers that's gone in a week (could we possibly find a gift less permanent?). Books and t-shirts bought from the corner shop (or Odel), checked merely for size, colour and price. Gift vouchers at least shows a touch of practicality, if nothing else. This morning I watched while a colleague bought a dog tag for a 'friend'. Puh-leeaase! A dog tag??!! Who on earth gifts a dog tag to a person? Next thing you know, they'll be buying each other leashes.

Is there anything special about these things? Does it show any foresight, feelings or thoughts that went into the gift buying process? None whatsoever. I plan my gifts weeks in advance, because I want it to be something special and meaningful to the person receiving it. What's the point in giving someone a bouquet of tulips just because it's my favourite flower? As a policy, I buy birthday gifts only to those who are close to me, or to those who are special to me. Isn't a genuine wish from the heart more meaningful than a coffee cup that took exactly two seconds to pick?


interesting...... hmmmmmm

GOOD one. I shall follow suit. Think ahead!

Thanks Dee Cee. Thinking ahead, but more importantly thinking with a pure heart was the point I was trying to make.

Drifter, nice to see you commenting. Not just interesting, but also true.

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