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The problem with having Cassandra's gift is that you also inherit her curse.

I keep foreseeing the future, but no one believes (or listens) to what I have to say (including myself). When my predictions come true, all I can do is either console my friends or console myself. Not a nice place to be in, and the foresight is completely wasted.

Why is it that we drive into that brick wall, knowing full well that it's there? Knowing that a crash could only end in disaster? Why are we too arrogant, too proud and too stubborn to turn around, knowing that anything else would be a catastrophe?

Cassandra, your gift is a hard one. I hope Apollo doesn't bless anymore of us with it, because your curse is too painful to bear.


This is so surreal!! I agree with you here as well, for the simple reason that I think I have the same "gift" as you do, with the same repercussions!! Brick wall,eh?? Why indeed!!:S

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