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Then there are those who seek me out only when they need help. I'm sure I've ranted about this before, but since I'm experiencing deja vu, you'll have to bear with me.

"Friends" seem to gravitate towards me whenever their lives hit the doldrums. Last night I played Agony Aunt to one distressed friend (who called me after months to tell me that 'there was no one else he could talk to about his problems'); this morning I found myself consoling yet another. The numbers would just keep piling up if I started counting those from last week.

I notice two things in this pattern. Firstly, I'm not the one who is called when people are looking for a good time, just chilling out, get the drift. I'm the helpline. The go-to person in times of trouble, depression and all things negative.

Secondly (and this is far more annoying), half these people are not available when I need help, a sounding board or just a shoulder to lean on. It is incredibly annoying and extremely hurtful that people I consistently help out, or at least make time for, hardly ever reciprocate.

I know, I know. When we do good unto others, it should be without any expectations. And it isn''s just that I'm also human, and when I'm let down by people when I need them, all this just hits you in the face (and not for the first time)...I never seem to learn.


(sigh) you seem to be on a rough road lately!
Hope the next turn brings forth a smoother drive.
Good luck!

ahh... trust me when I say I know EXACTLY what you're feeling right now..
been there... and still am there... sigh..

Just be there for people and don't expect much. They also say the more friends yuo have, the more people there are to talk behind your back.

Hopefully you'll find one good friend who'll listen and not judge, who'll alwaways be there.. :) fingers crossed for that/

Can relate.
Too much.

Can relate way Way WAY too much :\

It's sad that so many of us can relate to such a state of affairs.

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