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Last night I dreamt of being eaten by a leopard. No, I did not survive the attack (I think). Now, believe me when I tell you this, once you've dreamt of being eaten by a leopard, the fact that leopards don't hunt during the day, or don't hunt humans, or are rare, or aren't found in Sri Lanka is immaterial. It is a big, fearsome animal, and being eaten by it, even in a nightmare, is SCARY. It chills you to the bone, and that feeling stays with you for quite a long time (and since I'm writing this at 3 p.m., I can say that the feeling remains for the better part of the day).

A friend comments that "your writing suggests that you are dying", which I assume is a partial interpretation of the dream. I'm guessing here, because he hasn't offered a detailed theory, and I'm a bit too freaked to analyse my own dream right now. Perhaps I should ask the Sandwich for help here, since I hear this is within her area of expertise.

Anyways. I consider this to be a lousy way to start the weekend. Attempts to remedy it so far have included a healthy dose of cheese cake (whose remedial powers, I'm afraid to say, is largely temporary except on my belly), planning to spend time with others (except that they are spending time other others), working (except I have no work), blogging (would've worked if I wasn't reliving it again)... I think I'll go try shopping now (except that I have no money).

And for the record, my writing does not suggest that I am dying. What it does suggest, is that part of me is already dead.


themissingsandwich said... 5 September 2008 at 06:07  

Actually dream interpretations are not my specific area of expertise, I'm more of a seer. But I have read up a bit on dreams and a mutual friend gave me a book on dream analysis. I'd rather consult the powers that be on this one... gimme a couple of days? Rest easy this weekend though, dreaming of your own death is supposed to be a good omen I hear. ;-)

"the fact that leopards don't hunt during the day, or don't hunt humans, or are rare, or aren't found in Sri Lanka is immaterial."

Actually, Panthera Pardus Kotiya, or the Sri Lankan leopard ( is alive and endangered, so better lock your doors and window.

Dammit...Blacker got to it before me...leopards do hunt in the day and do (very occasionally)hunt humans (read man eater of punanai by Christopher Ondaatje)...but I wouldn't really worry about a leopard strolling into your house in Colombo:)

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