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I was thinking about this after reading The Drifter, and am now inspired to write a post on it.

Why do most of us live life, all shackled up in chains, too afraid to reach out to another, too afraid to take risks, too afraid to love, too afraid to love and be hurt by it, to afraid to let go, too afraid to break out of the mould, too afraid to take a leap of faith, too afraid to leave the herd? Why do we act as if we are dead to the world of beauty and colour and joy and excitement that life could be?

Because we've suffered from either the Snow White effect, or the Sleeping Beauty effect. Either, like Snow White, we happily went through life until we came across some psychotic person of evil who tried to put us down. So we ran past the woods, and despite being hurt, made attempts at several new beginnings. But the psychotic person of evil got us in the end, and the spirit we had finally died.

Or we suffer from the Sleeping Beauty effect. We went through life, full of innocence and joy, till some act (which had precious little to do with us) ended up scarring us so badly that our spirit is in permanent cryogenic sleep, practically dead.

If only we could realise that we aren't dead, our spirits aren't dead, and before we actually start to feed the daisies, we have a chance to reach out and touch the sky. Our spirit, or soul if you like, is not dead, but merely asleep.

The only question is, whether like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, are we going to wait for the kiss of life from some elusive entity, perchance risking permanent sleep, or do we have it within us to shake ourselves awake?

Because remember, unlike the princesses, we haven't been cursed. We don't have to stick to the script.


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