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I don't think I'll be missed when I'm gone.

Well, technically speaking, I will be. For a week or so by some, for a month or so by others. But even in that week or month, it will not be a sad, throbbing loss. It will be a fleeting emotion, a sense of loss that will come up only when they miss the end for which I am the means. A means that can, and will, be easily replaced.

The clock in the hall will not have a sad sort of clanging. Lives go on, and people will move on (rapidly at that). And I will wonder if I actually made a difference to anyone, or meant anything at all. Didn't I leave an impression; didn't I mean anything; is the void that I create so easily filled?

Time-pass, as Indians would say. That is what I am. An entertaining movie, easily replaced by another.

All the world's a's time I looked for another theatre, another time slot where I'll entertain another audience, until it's time for the next change.


That sounds a bit creepy..and nice at the same time.


Are you speaking for yourself or are you speaking for your friends?
If i was a friend of yours I would be appalled at your conclusions.

I'm speaking of how I see things currently; naturally, I could be wrong.

Perhaps my friends would be apalled at my conclusions - but if the vast majority of them were honest with themselves, I think they would agree with what I've said.

Truly genuine friends are very few, and very far between.

Amen to your last comment Queen, few and very far between!

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