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Separate incidents, all highlighting just how pathetic the service in this country has come to. In chronological order:

Last week, Wednesday to be precise, I ordered a Mexican Veggie Pizza from Domino's to keep me company while I watched One Tree Hill reruns, along with bread sticks. The pizza that was delivered to me? Mexican Chicken Pizza. Tired as I was, I called to complain. After being kept on hold for a good 8 minutes or so, I'm told that "they are very sorry, but next time, I should take down the name of the person who took the order so that they can follow it up, investigate it and take appropriate action". I (not so politely) informed them that taking down names was not my job, though taking down correct orders was part of theirs. The only offer from Domino's was to send the correct pizza that night, which I refused. After much humming and hawing, the manager says that while it isn't their policy to give remedial action on another day, they shall make my case an 'exception', and I can have my Mexican Veg pizza on another day. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!


The next day, I decided to help out a friend by getting his prescription filled at a pharmacy. But after visiting almost every pharmacy in Colombo only to be told "out of stock", I had pretty much given up hope. Then I happened to wander into the Laugs supermarket opposite D.S. And voila - they had the cough syrup I was desperately looking for! Overjoyed, I was about to pay them when I noticed the expiry date - September 2008. Angry and aghast that they would actually sell medicine that was expired, I pointed it out to the sales clerk that she had given me expired medicine.

She said "Anh, it is expired! (took another bottle) So is this! They are all expired! (looks at me) I'm sorry, we don't have fresh stock."

My fast disappearing lunch hour, along with the rain clouds, compelled me to leave without creating a scene. Honestly - a pharmacy in a leading supermarket in Colombo, selling expired medicine. I'm just glad I had the presence of mind to check.


Later that week, I visit Barista's down Horton Place with two friends. One of them orders a jumbo hot dog. After taking a bite, she announces that it "tastes funny". My other friend takes a bite, spits it out, and announces that it is past its sell-by date. Knowing my penchant for tantrums, they demand that I remain seated while they sort it out with the manager.

Barista's response to a rotten sausage? "No ma'am, we will replace it with another item if you want, but it isn't bad. Just half cooked." Seriously. They said that. And they were quite unapologetic about it. Half cooked sausages?!?! I'm no meat eater, but there has got to be something wrong with that picture!


The latest incident? A friend walks into Keells, and buys a pack of cigarettes for Rs.320/=. Since he gave the cashier a 500 rupee note, the cashier decided to be a moron by whining to him "Aneeey, do you have change?". A reply in the negative had her rummage through the cash register, only turn around and tell him "Aneeeey, give me change, will you". His ensuing lecture (read tantrum) on customer service, having spare change et al was put to an end only by the intervention of the manager, who pulled the required change out of his own pocket.


Wrong orders, expired medicine, half cooked sausages and whiny sales girls. This is what our leading stores have to offer us.

My advice? Look at every item twice before you buy it, and be very, very careful about what you put in your mouth. Oh yeah, and always throw tantrums.


ARGH! I share your frustrations. :( I was at Salaka today and the lady at the counter started aney-ing to her collegue blatently ignoring me. So so so so irritating i tell ya. And yes, shall definitely take ur advice on checking twice!

Eeeeuw! At Barrista's??? Thanks for the advance warnings!

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