The Shoat Statements

Random musings by the multiple voices inside my head.

When love awakens your heart, it expands,
Straining to capture, to experience the myriads of emotions
that fill it and invade it,
overwhelming and overpowering it
When unrequited... anguish, despair, longing, love and desire
Clash and collide
filling your senses with excruciating but sweet agony.
All at once you are more alive, more awake.
Sensitive to every sight, every sound,
Every blur of colour
every wave of emotion,
Every strain of thought
Crashing, bursting, turmoil and tempest
And in spite of the fury of emotion battling against will and sense
You secretly delight
Delight in the overwhelmingly painful but exhilarating, vivifying experience
Of being in love and being alive

- By RDM


Isn't it so true.. how falling in love can so awaken you to so much joy and so much pain... sigh!

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